Digitone & Digitone Keys

The Factory Sounds for both Digitone and Digitone Keys are now available to download free of charge from Elektron.se, ensuring more accessible content for your machines. The 256 unique sounds from Digitone Keys are now available for you to use on your Digitone, while you are also able to bring the 256 sounds from Digitone not present on the Keys onto the new machine.

To download these Factory Sounds, login to the Elektron website and register your Digitone or Digitone Keys. Then head to your account and My Sound Packs to see the available sounds.




…that’s good news…

the presets on the tone are the first presets worth diving through since ages…

As a Digitone owner, I downloaded and transferred the Digitone Keys Sounds as per the instructions and they really are beautiful.

Are there also Patterns on the Keys that could be made available to us? From my experience on the Digitone, hearing the sounds in action in a Pattern really puts them in context.


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