Digitone & Digitakt question


If using overbridge you can always do the pattern changes from the DAW, use that for “song mode”…
(just saying what you can do now, not arguing against getting a song mode)


Seems like there are many ways to get round some of the limitations. I’ve never used a DAW, but it seems like you can connect the DN or DT to one and control them from there via USB, plus there are Midi on both to connect a keyboard I guess.

How do you export your tunes to MP3 on these devices?

As you say I guess you get one and then the other at a later data and then you have a nice home setup to produce so tunes.

I see the Octatrack MK2 is almost an all in one device as is the DT & DN together, but a lot more money to commit to if starting from the beginning but would tick all the boxes maybe. I just don’t wont to get overwhelmed.


Go real slow. One machine at a time. Read manuals before buying. Understand what these machines do…

Digitone is a synth, OT and DT are samplers. You can’t sample nor load samples on DN, you can’t really synthesize sounds on a sampler (although you can, somehow).

You don’t export mp3 out of DN or DT.
You have to record your session in another device (DAW on a computer is pretty common, portable recorders such as Zoom H6n are another way to do so).


Great advise.

I’ve never used a sampler or DAW before but can see there are many to chose from :slight_smile:

So you’d connect the DT or DN to a DAW via usb and record from there?

I see the DT and OT good to take samples from songs and change them etc. I’ve often hear tunes and thought I love that melody or sound I guess you could capture and use/change it.

You are right starting slow and experimenting is best.


I use a mixer (used to be a Multimix 12FW, now Qu24) that acts as a sound card. I prefer it that way.
But you can go for audio over USB indeed.


Is a perfect tune I’d love to replicate one day (in my own little world) :slight_smile:


I met a guy, 20 years ago, willing to learn the guitar to play Zappa and Ron Tal.
I laughed, telling him he should set some reachable goals…
I met him again a few weeks ago, not only has he been playing such songs for years, but he’s now a teacher.

Dedication and work will get you were you need to go.

Start with the manuals, though :wink:


Got the manuals.

Dumb question, but what would the input L/R ports be used for? The outputs would be speakers I see. Midi in would be something like a keyboard.



Input L/R is for sampling into the Digitakt (DT)


Or put the DT into the DN and use DN FX on it.

As you can control external gear (e.g. a Volca) with the midi tracks, it’s cool to be able to get such gear outputs into the DN or DT and use the excellent FX on this gear (and in the case of DT, possibly sample the gear output).


I would go digitakt if that’s what you’re after… stacking ambient textures and mono parts along with drums with lots of retrigs. The wavetable stuff plus fx on the DT will get you far, long with some airy pad/fx samples.


So to record from the DN or DT you can use a DAW (recommend any so I can budget this) or a Zoom H6n which is rather expensive.

So on the DT you can import sound from your computer, I guess you can record anything on you computer and do what you want with it? Space permitting.


I see many connect their laptops or iPads to the DT or DN, as I’m from the dark ages what does this give me?

As for recording you tunes to upload to my pc or somewhere to play back later would something like the Zoom U-24 suffice?


Zoom U-24 is 2 ins / 4 outs.
You would rather need something the opposite, 4 ins / 2 outs, so that you can record both DN and DT at once.
You might even prefer an interface that makes it possible to record separately each stereo input. Focusrite Scarlett series is a nice choice for studio DAW recording, I think.

About connecting an iPad :

  • either you want to synchronize the device, so you link them with MIDI cable or USB that transport MIDI
  • or you want to treat iPad outputs with DT or DN FX, or even sample iPad into DT: for this you would connect iPad output to DN/DT audio inputs

Another case would be recording DN/DT within iPad, but I have no experience with this. Should need an extra piece of gear, I’m afraid.


As I research more I see more devices. I guess I’m looking for one device that can sample, sequence or record in song mode (Dawless in a way) and do synths. I reckon my budget could stretch to around £1k.

I see options as:

  1. DT & DN
  2. Octatrack Mk2 1. (but could be difficult for a new guy to learn I’ve heard)
  3. Deluge
  4. Analog Rytm MKII
  5. Analog Four MKII (not sure if this is an all in one)

Just wonder you thoughts on the above.

I would love to sit at the dinning room table with a device or so that can do most.



I’ll add my 2 cents as I spent a lot of time debating between 'Tone or 'Takt.

I ended up ordering the Digitakt over the Digitone mainly because it has 8 tracks for composing vs 4 for the Digitone. This plus the Digitakt has the flexibility to re-sample to free up tracks - this sounded to me like I could do more composing away from my DAW with the Digitakt vs the Digitone.
When I saw you can play audio-rate with the sampler on Digitakt (single cycle waveforms), and stream 8 tracks to my DAW with the OB beta - it sealed the deal.

That said the Digitone looks and sounds amazing, it’s definitely a hard decision!
Both are entry points to learn an Elektron flavored sequencer, which is a big part of their DNA and value.

A friend of mine has a really nice modular rig, and his primary interest is the sequencer. He’s leaning towards a Digitone over the Digitakt for his use case.

Best regards,



Thanks Gino. Apologies for the novice question so can the Digitone act as the main sequencer for both? Doesn’t this mean you can arrange and save the tunes you make?

Will you get the DN next? I see many buy both and then use Overbridge and save in their DAW apps?


I’m waiting for my Digitakt to arrive in a few days, so please don’t consider me an expert!
I’ll defer to others, as I’m new…

Yes - from what I know they can work together as they both have midi in/out/thru.

I may get the DN down the line, but it will be a while as I have a lot to learn with DT.

Page 22 of the DigiTone manual describes it’s track abilities.

From what I understand, the Digitone sequencer has 4 tracks for FM synthesis, and 4 tracks for external midi. It can do 8 notes per track for external midi, so it’s better for sequencing chords than the Digitakt which handles 4 notes per track.

Both do a lot, so at some point you just have to dive in and explore. I bet most people don’t even push the sequencers very hard as they have a lot of depth (ratios, %'s, Fill, Not Fill, Pre, Not Pre, Neighbor, etc. ).

FWIW - I see both of these as instruments much more than all-in-one solutions. For example, no one says “Hey why doesn’t this guitar come with a double bass kick pedal?” and the answer is because it’s a guitar first and foremost.

Best regards,