Digitone, Digitakt, Keystep Config


How do i connect up digitakt , digitone and keystep so digitakt is master but so i can use keystep for digitone?




Keystep Midi out > DT Midi in/Thru, DT Midi out > DN midi in.

then set them up to whatever channel you want each machine to speak to.


Just got a keystep and am using this same set up! Keystep is super easy to switch the midi channel on the fly.

I’d go Digitakt midi out to keystep midi in. Keystep out to Digitone midi in.

This way keystep gets clock from digitakt and you’ll be able to use keystep sequences.

(Keystep set to ‘midi’ on the back switches)

I also messed around with keystep as master and did keystep out to DT in. DT thru to DN in. This was where the keystep midi channel switching came into play.

(Keystep set to ‘internal’ on the back)

If you don’t want to use the keystep on DT then I’d use that first set up I mentioned above.


Hi there,

With the first setup above, does the clock from the DT make it to the DN?


I’m going to double double check


Double double-checked, and here’s a quick vid’ about it.

The playing at the end left something to be desired, but the video shows transport reaching the DN from DT through the Keystep.



Thank you :slight_smile: