Digitone/Digitakt control each other (Newbee)


Hi all -

Apologies for (perhaps) obvious/newbee questions.

I’ve had a DT for a while, feel fairly competent at it and just added a DN to the mix and working on their interconnectability.

(I’ve read DT manual thoroughly and working through DN one now).

Anyway - this is probably super obvious but just in case I’m missing something - I’m sending clock from DT to DN to keep them in sync. Is there a way to stop DT without stopping DN (to drop out the ‘beat’ etc), or (like I think) is that just not gonna happen because, well they’re midi synced (lol)?

2nd question - is anyone using the midi on the DN to control the DT? I feel like those 4 midi tracks are wasted (would have gladly traded them in for more audio tracks) and I’d like to use those extra LFOs to control the DT.

And finally - is anyone using midi from DN to DT and also DT to DN at same time, and if so, any pointers/tips on how best to do this? I know it’s possible but wondering if anyone has discovered any ‘you gotta try this’ patches.

Thanks in advance!



You could use DN as your master, so your DN controls start and stop


The mute mode and practice comes in handy if you want to drop that beat (or elements only). Or you can preprogramm a fill mode for that and use that.


Thanks Ryan - I’ll try that as well - probably will be the way to go for what I’m trying.


That’s a good idea. cheers.