Digitone/Digitakt build quality

Elektron gear typically gets high marks for its build quality and I love the metal chassis and overall feel of the units. However, there are a couple of areas that makes me concerned when using it:

  1. The connections on the backside all feel a little wiggly/loose when connecting/disconnecting stuff. It’s not as rigid as I’d expect. Is this normal or should I reach out to their customer service? It’s the same on both the Digitone and Digitakt.
  2. When using them in the evening, it’s easy to see the mainboard/PCB completely exposed underneath the buttons. You can clearly see it when peeking through the small spaces around buttons. There’s no rubber coating or anything to protect dust and (worst case) liquids from dripping right into the PCB if you have a little late night accident.

What’s your experience with their durability? Particularly on #1, will it last for frequent plugging/unplugging of cables or should I be worried about it?

Nothing lasts forever my brother, methinks you are overanalyzing these simple electronic music makers.

You can’t take them with you through death. Will anything therefore be durable enough? To worry about? Enjoy them while they’re here.

With that said 1/4" jack is one of the easier things to replace in the “era of everything that exists is being manufactured”. Exposed PCB does nothing. Dust does not damage a PCB, it inhibits thermal management at worst.

If a liquid accident comes, worry about it then, take it one day at a time. The possibility of being t-boned by a semi does not stop you from crossing the street, does it? If it does, you’ve bigger fish to fry!


I appreciate your overall attitude towards it and I agree - but can you confirm to me that the wobbliness of the ports is by design and not a symptom of my devices being broken? They’re still under warranty so it’d be good to know. :pray:

Forgot to close my travelcase once, before I entered ny car the case fell open and the DT bounced from about weist high on the concrete pavement, bounced one time on the corner and felt flat on encoders. While one encoder looked liked it was dead I ordered a spare. Realising i had to replace it anyway if put some force on it to bend it straight. One year ago and still flawless so build quality. No bad experience here. And a spare encoder in stock.

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Both of mine seem solid and my ports on the back don’t wiggle. I’d probably contact Elektron. I bought two decksavers to use to protect them while they are out of their cases just in case

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To some wobbliness that is unacceptable would be deemed normal to others. I would need a video to certify whether it’s reasonable. If it will forever bother you, send it in to Elektron.

That’s why the god of synthesizer invented Decksaver dust covers.

Plus if you love your gear, never EVER go near gear with any liquid!


No liquids on the desk.
Studio rule number one.


That stuff is made to work in conditions where dust can get inside, so shouldn’t be a problem.

Connections on OT, AR and AK are firm, no wiggliness at all. Overall build quality is solid.
Digi line is cheaper, but never heard of broken sockets or stuff like that. Wiggly doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s weak.

And liquid-proof studio gear? Does that exist?



can u elaborate a little further…

usb, in/out and midi trio are usually rocksolid…

and while, yes, nothing lasts forever, i can clearly state, none of my elektron boxes ever needed service so far…they ARE rocksolid…

aaaaand no xtra inner covering will ever safe ur gear from harm, once in contact with liquids…if u like ur coffee on ur working desk…u better think twice…
and dust?..dust is EVERYWHERE around u…
if u love ur digis that much and u are serious about it…spent them two protection lids…
makes them even more sturdy…super safe for any transport situations…and raise their overall value and endurance big time…

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Had DT and DN since the day they were released. Never a single problem and I plugged and unplugged cables countless of times, gigged with them, no dust covers for 3 years (now finally have deck savers) and I drank what must be a couple of train wagons full of coffee during the time. Never spilled into the digis though.

When holding them you know it’s solid and built like a tank. So, ko worries. :slight_smile: to


I am amazed at the build quality of the Digitone, especially for the price. I recommend getting a deck-saver cover if you’re worried about dust. As for liquids near your gear, just don’t! The idea gives me nightmares…

I’ll try to record a video of the wobbly ports and you can compare against yours. Will do it when I’m back home.