Digitone: Clock Sync Without Auto Play

Hi folks I’d like to sync my Digitone clock to by DAW (Ableton).
I’m sending clock from Ableton to Digitone - but I’d like to be able to control when things actually play.
At the moment every time I hit play on the session, the Digitone fires up and starts playing.

Is there a way to avoid this?

I believe the term may be “transport” ?

Firstly, are you trying to prevent Ableton from sending transport or the Digitone from accepting it?

There might be reasons why you’d want to do either, so the clarification is helpful.

On the Digitone (and Digitakt), Elektron has unfortunately chosen to combine external tempo and transport control into one setting. So activating the setting forces the DN to receive both types of messages.

I don’t know Live to know what you can change about it’s settings.

Other potential workarounds depend on what you are trying to achieve. If you want the DN to start playing at a later time than Ableton Live, you could mute the DN’s sounds or begin with a blank or silent pattern. Or not synchronize the two but just set them to the same tempo and start them independently.

Thanks to you both.

Peter - that answers my question. I guess I will map program changes to the midi clips that automatically mute certain Digitone tracks when triggered in live to ensure they do not start playing automatically when I trigger each scene.