Digitone Cheat Sheet is here!

Had a few people commenting on this. I agree but as a reference that you read every so often to get inspired ( page 2 that is) I think it’s not a problem.

I received the physical versions in the mail yesterday and I find them perfectly readable though.

This will be available in my shop in the next two weeks :slight_smile:


I really appreciate the mathematical breakdowns. That’s not how my brain works. You’re a real people’s champ @DaveMech!




Really good work here !

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Wow I will very much be purchasing that reminds me pf Star Trek for some reason.

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What format is this ?

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It;s A4

I’ve just uploaded an updated version of the cheat sheet.


  • Added ‘PTN + Track = pattern mute’ shortcut (thanks @LyingDalai)
  • Fixed a doubling in text in Sound Design section (Analog instability)
  • Added a recipe for a plucky bass in the sound design section



Bought. I hope 5 euros is fair. Thank you!

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Thanks for the hardwork!

Might be wrong but I never used Func+ L/R arrows to nudge the tempo. The L/R arrows are enough or did it change? (I’m not using the latest firmware)

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I don’t even have these devices, but I really appreciate when someone puts resources like this together! Great work! I think it looks great based on the preview.

I look forward to the Syntakt version. :totes:

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Very fair , thank you!

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Good catch! That’s wrong indeed. Will update it in the next version

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Isn’t FUNC+L/R moving the sequence 1 step at a time forward/backward?

Yeap but That’s only in grid recording mode.

Now that I think about it, currently FUNC+L/R does nothing outside of grid recording mode. Would actually be nice if they implemented that it would also move the track’s sequence left / right outside of grid recording mode. :slight_smile:

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