Digitone Cheat Sheet is here! (updated: v1.24)

Had a few people commenting on this. I agree but as a reference that you read every so often to get inspired ( page 2 that is) I think it’s not a problem.

I received the physical versions in the mail yesterday and I find them perfectly readable though.

This will be available in my shop in the next two weeks :slight_smile:


I really appreciate the mathematical breakdowns. That’s not how my brain works. You’re a real people’s champ @DaveMech!




Really good work here !

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Wow I will very much be purchasing that reminds me pf Star Trek for some reason.

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What format is this ?

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It;s A4

I’ve just uploaded an updated version of the cheat sheet.


  • Added ‘PTN + Track = pattern mute’ shortcut (thanks @LyingDalai)
  • Fixed a doubling in text in Sound Design section (Analog instability)
  • Added a recipe for a plucky bass in the sound design section



Bought. I hope 5 euros is fair. Thank you!

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Thanks for the hardwork!

Might be wrong but I never used Func+ L/R arrows to nudge the tempo. The L/R arrows are enough or did it change? (I’m not using the latest firmware)

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I don’t even have these devices, but I really appreciate when someone puts resources like this together! Great work! I think it looks great based on the preview.

I look forward to the Syntakt version. :totes:

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Very fair , thank you!

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Good catch! That’s wrong indeed. Will update it in the next version

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Isn’t FUNC+L/R moving the sequence 1 step at a time forward/backward?

Yeap but That’s only in grid recording mode.

Now that I think about it, currently FUNC+L/R does nothing outside of grid recording mode. Would actually be nice if they implemented that it would also move the track’s sequence left / right outside of grid recording mode. :slight_smile:

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I just updated the Digitone cheat sheet. Improvements include:

  • New tips & shortcuts

  • Much improved readability on page 2

  • General layout improvements

Get it here (free or pay what you want to get me a beverage of your choice): Shop — Dave Mech


Just purchased your cheat sheet for the digitone. Great job! Your Youtube videos have helped me learn this new device. I’m beginning to like the digitone more than my old digitakt. It’s a magical pandoras box. Cheers!

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Awesome to hear, thanks :slight_smile:
Indeed DN is a gift that keeps on giving