Digitone - Best Price


Hi all,
I’m going to buy a digitone online today in the UK to go with my double Octatrack setup.

I was wondering on the best price anyone had seen? I’m scouting about, looking for good deals and seeing some tempting offers.



Ha I am thinking the same. Juno have it for £590 but if you live chat them they should offer a discount code to get it to £570 which is very tempting. Mine is sat in my cart waiting for me to pull the inevitable trigger :joy:


Well, sorry to rain on your parade . . . Juno offered me £567.
I’m pulling the trigger on that this morning.



Haha, seems like a really good price to me, most other places are over £600. Got a 'takt for £540 open box too :slight_smile:


Looks like juno are not applying the discount on Digitone fairly–i think whoever you strike on phone or email support desk has a different policy on digitione

| Juno (Juno Support Desk)
May 15, 13:13 BST


I’m afraid I cannot apply a discount to this product. The price has recently been reduced and the margins are particularly low. Apologies.

Customer Support Team
+44 (0)207 424 1960


There’s one on gumtree for 500


Just pulled the trigger on one with Andertons. They did a price match of £567.
I’ve got loyalty points with them so they were the better option.


Interesting, I just tried with an incognito browser tab via live chat and got a discount offered to £574 (sorry, I would have noted down the code but only saw this post after closing the window!) so may be worth trying again via live chat. Will probably just pull the trigger at £570, can’t imagine seeing it much lower any time soon!


Personally I’d spend the extra £70ish to get one new. Always had pretty good experiences with Gumtree myself but still.


I’d probably do the same although they’re all so new I doubt warranty is an issue l but still easier to return to a store and many offer low credit terms if you need them.


Went for it at £570… excited for Digitakt to meet its brother :wink:


Good effort. I was thinking about getting one for a while. Once the price turned up, it was pretty nailed on.