Digitone audio in to lightning out?

I’d like to use the Digitone to convert line level audio into my iPhone. I believe I can just output it over USB from the DN, then into an Apple USB 3 Camera kit, then into my iPhone. will this work?

I’d want to use with the standard camera app for videos.

(sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, I didn’t see anything.)

No that won’t work. You can do exactly that with a Model Samples or Model Cycles as they have class compliant audio over usb, but not with a Digitone. You’d need to use a class compliant usb audio interface to get the Digitone’s sounds running into an iPad.

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For what it’s worth I bought a Behringer UCA202 to make videos on my iPhone. It’s cheap as chips and it works exactly as you’d expect it to.

thanks for the reply. I thought I had read that DN was class compliant but maybe it’s just the midi that is…?

and thanks for the suggestion but no B garbage will enter my studio. I’ll just research what they ripped off to make the UCA202 :rofl:

No the audio isn’t class compliant. Any USB interface that is class compliant will work with iOS. The Focusrite ones are a good example. As a general rule if it requires drivers to work, it will not work on iOS.

Hi guys, I am wondering if with the recent update of the digitone, is now a class compliant device and the initial question can be relevant now? Because i have tried many time to shout a video clip of a digitone jam thru a camera kit, the iPhone still captured the source audio from the microphone built in itself.

Yes it works with a Camera Kit, iPhone, default camera app, OS 1.30A. Tested.

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