Digitone audio clock error

My DN doesn’t work. When I press play anything happened and there is no sound.
In test mode, it’s writing Audio Clock error 1.
Did you know this bug ?
I send a ticket to elektron.

This indicates a hardware problem with your Digitone. I hope that Elektron can arrange a repair for you.

For the moment I send it to my dealer. I’m waiting for news.
They tell me that they are lot of problem with this series of DN.
May be they will change it for a new one.

I just experienced this… I had my Digitone on for a few hours (probably the longest I’ve used it without turning it off) and suddenly it just stopped. Will keep it off for a few minutes and see if it happens again.

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same problem here, any help?? dont know wath to do

Contact support by creating a support ticket (if you have no customer acount, you will need to create one first):


yess, i do that, my Digitone have a hardware error :frowning: need to be fix im so sad man thats sucks