Digitone Arp questions

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Manual says the following:

9.6.6 OFFSET
Offset selects the offset (note) value of the chosen arpeggiator step in semi-tones. The offset is from the original note trig. The TRK KEY SCALE and TRK KEY NOTE settings found in the NOTES SETUP menu affects the note values of the arpeggiated notes.

  1. Press [LEFT] or [RIGHT] to select which arpeggiator step to offset.
  2. Use DATA ENTRY knob E to set the offset.
  3. Press [DOWN] to deacivate an arpeggiator step. Press [UP] to activate an arpeggiator step that has been deactivated.

Question 1
The manual says the settings in the Note menu affects the offset. So if I read this correctly then the offset of the notes will be in the scale as chosen in the Note menu.

But it is isn’t. If I select a C Major scale and place a 16 step long note with only a C note and put some offset to “off scale” notes it just triggers outside the scale. But As the manual said it should be affected by the scale. Or do I read it wrong?

Question 2
I would like the LFO to reset at the first trig and then run freely, but this doesn’t seem possible. When I set the LFO on per trig it get retriggerd with each new note.

Thnx in advance!

I don‘t know about your first question, but to let the lfo run free, you have to deactivate lfo trig for each trig on the trig page.

It says that scale affects the note which it does, but it doesn’t affect the offset.
not sure why it’s written in the offset section. makes it confusing … do wish it did though for A4 also its why I don’t end up using offsets

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This doesn’t work on the Arp. I want the LFO start at the first trig on a sequenced arp and then run free.

Yes that’s why it is so confusing. Therefor you would guess the offset is in scale aswel. I don’t use offsets either because of this. It doesn’t make any sense. The Arp offset should be in scale to creat musical “randomness” as the Arp doesn’t support RNDM.

  1. The manual lies. Plain and simple. I reached out to the support team with a ticket and they apologized that the manual was wrong, and said they would add it to the feature request list. It’s pretty deceptive, I had read the manual before purchasing and felt pretty ripped off when I realized. Hopefully its added in the next update - theres still two unused encoders on the arp page, one could easily be a quantize-to-scale toggle.

  2. Theoretically the free running lfo should (as in other sequencer softwares) reset when you press the play button so it’s in the same phase each time you hit play, but sadly its just always free running, never resetting ever, so it’s a crapshoot where the freerunning lfo will be in its phase each time you start your song - pretty useless for dubstep wubs, for example. Therefore the only option is to use a trig lfo, and then turn lfo trig off on all but the first trig - but this wont work with the arp since itll retrigger each note of arpeggio… plus, even without arp then the lfo will retrigger each loop around which may or may not be what you want. Another gripe of mine which could easily be fixed by making free lfo mode work like in other sequencers :frowning:

Yes it is a bummer. But then they should at least change the manual so it is correct. And yes I don’t think it would be hard to implement. They done it in the OT.

For me this would work, but it is not working with a trigless lock with it set to free. :frowning:

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I think what you could do is set the lfo to free, then create a trigless lock where it is set to trig and lfo trig is on, that should fire off a trigger at the step before the arp trig - you can use micro timing to shift the arp trig back to the first step. Not sure but I think that might work.

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Gonna give that a go tomorrow. It is not the best option. But it could work…


Is the arp quantizer been added yet? Because the arp on this synth looks great. But if its chromatic, then hmm

Also, I assume the global scale quantization is applied before the sequencer? Which means you have to change the pitch of each step if you wanna try out a different key?
I would like to see a global scale where every pitch on the sequencer+arp is quantized.

EDIT: Hmm… I just looked into the manual and apparently even the Track Transpose isn’t affecting sequenced notes. That is not very useful… Same behavior as the Octatrack if I recall correctly.
Pg 34 in the manual:
0. TRANSP. TRACK transposes the track up or down in semitone steps. This parameter adds an offset value and the actual note values in the sequencer do not change.
This shouldn’t be called “Track Transpose”. “Engine Transpose” or similar would be more accurate, as it isn’t really transposing a track. From this info I assume you can’t even transpose the synth engine when notes are programmed into the Digitone sequencer, yes?
Or am I not getting it right? “adds an offset value” it reads… and “actual note values do not change”. That is very confusing information

This bit means that if you sequence a C3 note, for example, and use the track transpose down 12 semitones, then it will play C2, i.e. one octave down. So the sequencer notes don’t change, but they are shifted by the offset you apply. Make sense?

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Hm yes I think. So if you program C3 on step 1. Transpose this track down by 1 semitone, C3 on step 1 will still be C3, but it passes through the transposer (which is basically a MIDI transpose plugin), and you will hear the B3 note. Is this correct?

Bingo! Although I always get confused by the numbers because they change on C right? Your example might play a B2 instead of B3. But anyway, a more clear cut example would be F3 down to E3 with a track transpose of -1. :slight_smile:

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Yes B is C flat. And C is B sharp. Depends on how you look at it.

But cool, so there’s a “MIDI transpose plugin” inserted after the sequenced notes. So you could change keys. Presuming you stay in either major or minor

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The transpose works, but the scale doesn’t change the sequenced notes or arpeggiated notes. That sucks!
This thread is from 2 years ago and it still works this way as far as I can tell with the latest OS.