Digitone and overbridge control latency/lag

I noticed if I play the digitone with overbridge in ableton long enough, the digitone controls get laggy, dont respond as fast as usual. No problem with the digitakt tho.
Also, there is no sound latency at all, this is not because of the cpu usage (it does it a 10% and 2%)
EDIT : I tried to
-Shutdown the digitakt
-restart ableton / overbridge
-disable all midi data transmitted exept the clock

The only thing that work is if i unplug the digitone but it start again as soon as I plug it back. I
The weird thing is that tomorow it will work like a charm, it happened after long sessions (+4/5 hours)
If i start my comptuer again it work…
DOes it happen to anyone?


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Not sure what you mean by disabling all midi data transmitted except the clock, but I did notice that if Ableton records midi and sends it all to the digitone, the digitone can start to lag. It’s better to stick to mostly just notes and clock and maybe some longer filter sweeps vs. a lot of microedits on each step.

Thank you for your answer. The problem is worse now, restart the computer dont fix the problem anymore.
Also i meant i disabled the data received by the digitone.
I only use ableton to send the clock, I dont send other midi info to the digitone.
I tried :
-Switch usb port/cable
-Erase all other track in ableton that send midi to my soundcard midi port to other synth

I started a new project and it work fine for 5 minutes…

It seems the more parameterlock i record, the more laggy it gets. More than 5 get the digitone laggy.

Hello and sorry for the bump , but the problem is worse now…
Nobody face the same problems here?


I do get some lag when using overbridge but it happens sometimes and not others,
There is a program called latency mon that is a free download, that can check your computer for audio/ latency problems that might be worth checking out…
And probably sending a support ticket would be good to let them know…
The analog Rytm used to have bad lag selecting samples but it was fixed through an update

Hi. Have the same Problem. But only with the Keys-Version.
At the Digitone (Transfer complete Patterns and Sounds) no Lags or Latency.
At the Digitone Keys, i have big Problems with Input/Encoder-Lags.
Don’t Know How to fix it.
Seems to Be a Problem with the Digitone-Keys-Version.

Same problem with digitone keys.

New update from overbridge, still the same problem… :frowning:

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I can’t use overbridge with my DNK; it becomes nearly unresponsive after a few minutes. Utilizing 8 outputs and my entire ADAT to replace the recording functionality…

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I’ve had this issue as well with digitone keys. I don’t use over bridge because of the local OS lag when using. It’s a shame because the analog rhythm works like a charm in overbrige. I seriously doubt it’s setup or software. A lot of people report this.

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Same issue - hoping someone from @Elektron @elektronauts will help! Huge part of my workflow is having OB working - and it has been working all week until now. I agree with the multiple parameter locks causing the issue with OB

Very weird how people report Keys to be worse for this, you’d think the guts are identical, unless there’s a weaker processor, but why…

Did anyone contact Elektron Support about it? (This forum is not that :slight_smile:)

Has it got better for anyone?
Are there DNK users not seeing the issue?

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If there are, I’m not one of them :frowning:

I had this problem and Elektron told me that the DN can only receive 8 automations from the DAW (Overbridge). Anyway it happened to me when sending a lot of MIDI (arps and LFOs from the OT).

So I never automate from Overbridge anymore and I have more careful when sending MIDI messages to the DN.

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Hey, I tried to contact the support,they said to update OB (I was in the last version) they also said you cant send too much automation from overbridge, while i’ve been very specific telling them i didnt send automations from OB but only in the Digitone.
They never respond to the second email, they are fully aware of the problem.
From what i see the problem is also sound dependent. While some patch dont make the UI laggy, others patch create a mess. Also adjusting the settings about the latency in OB help me at some point. From now, I kinda give up on the problem.