Digitone and iPad?


Hey guys,

I recently bought the Digitone and I am really happy with it. Now, I’ about to go on a 10day holiday and would like to be making a bit of music, and take a minimal setup. I have an iPad mini laying around and figured, I can load it up with some apps to take care of drums, and use the digitone for melodies and base only.

Now, the question is, is it possible to sync both devices and how would the routing be? Is there a possibility to like have the Digitone input in the iPad if I would use a daw-kind of app on the iPad like, let’s say Korg Gadget?

or should I do it the other way around, Digitone being the master and hosting also the audio from the iPad?

What are best practices, and how would the whole sync-ing happen? Do I need some adapter for the iPad?

thanks in advance!


To my understanding, if you want to input sound at decent quality, you’ll need an audio interface connected to your ipad. Since that would most likely connect via usb (camera connection kit), you should pick an interface that has an additional usb port or midi in. I know there are mini interfaces that do not require additional power supply (they draw the necessary power from the ipad), not sure if there’s one that has the features you need though (maybe presonus or focusrite).

I don’t own a Digitone but I do own a Digitakt and that one sync’s up nicely with the ipad via USB and/or midi. So I reckon the Digitone should as well.


What do you use to sync the DT and the iPad?

Ideally, I would like to not have to use an interface, and somehow use the iPads own input/output. If I get the adapter (camera kit), would I be able to sync the DN with the iPad with simply with the usb cable?


The easy option is to connect Digitone to iPad via USB with CCK. Then take the iPad headphone out to Digitone left&right input. This way you can sequence four apps from the four MIDI tracks in Digitone which also provides clock sync to iPad.
Headphones connected to Digitone.
A fun little setup.

p.s. get AUM if your iPad supports it, then you host your apps in it.


Should work I can do it with my Rytm.

You could also use bluetooth midi (yamaha md-bt01) and a behringer line2 usb if you wanted to run dn into ipad for audio processing.


I tried to sequence several synths on my Ipad with the Digitone, both using a midi interface and using a USB cable.

And the apps find the Digitone alright – but I can’t make them react to the sequencer. I’ve tried every channel, I’ve made sure it transmits midi.

Tried with Moog Model D, Waldorf Nave and a couple of FM synths.


When you select a MIDI channel on any Elektron box that has MIDI tracks you have to click the encoder knob to set it. Then as long as the iPad app is set to receive on the same channel and port it should work.


Can the ipad send midi? I dont have a digitone so not sure what it might be. This is a good app i use for troubleshooting https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/midi-wrench/id589243566?mt=8


Still doesn’t work. I can now play the Ipad apps with the Digitone keyboard, but not sequence tracks.


I’ll try it out tonight when I get home and let you know.


Thanks, that’s a great app. And it reacts when I play notes on the keyboard, the same ones I can hear on the apps. It also reacts when I switch midi channels.

But when I run the midi sequencer (and hear nothing) on the same channel I successfully played notes on, neither do those midi messages show up in the Midi Wrench list.


Are you running the new OS?




Which encoder knob? On the Octatrack I’ve made that mistake enough times to actually be aware of it now :slight_smile: But on the Digitone midi channel is selected with the arrow keys (left and right).


I’m not at home now but I use one of the knobs to select Midi channel, then click it like with Octatrack.


Ah, yes, it can be done with knob A as well.