Digitone and Digitakt together


No desert, I’m up in the PNW.
Aha… Prog CH send from DT to DN Prog CH Recieve?
Cool. Will check it out.


yeah, that was the thing. Thank you. This exposes my chaotic system of storing patterns however. time to start putting more effort into a linear progression. i had stuff in different banks, which works fine but you just have to push a lot of buttons. This is a cool development…


I use this power splitter in conjunction with two of these barrel adaptors along with this battery kit.

I doubt the power splitter and adaptor barrels will function properly with a single Elektron PSU.

Also, I am not sure if any of this is threatening the longevity of my DT and DN.


Hi. I don’t understand how you connect it.
DT > DN. left/right + midi
DN > DT. Left/right + midi
how do you connect a midi synth?
and how to do connect to your speakers?

I also have an Analog heat MKII to connect.

Here is a short video showing the issue and the settings: https://youtu.be/yNb3DlgYfdk
Thank you


The cables in my picture were just for show.

If you are looking for advice connecting audio, you can use two quarter-inch cables from the outputs of the DT and into the inputs of the DN. You can then connect outputs of the DN to the inputs of your Analog Heat and then the outputs of your Analog Heat to your speakers, all in a similar manner. You will need to make sure the input volume is up on the master page of the DN (I think 27 is unity gain) and the input channels are panned hard left and right. I don’t have an Analog Heat, but I would imagine it has an input gain setting as well. You will need to make sure your output volumes are up as well.

It is not clear to me what you are trying to achieve with MIDI and I am not familiar with the MIDI keyboard you are using. With my DT and DN in storage, I am unable to share my MIDI settings.

I am sure someone else here can help, especially if you describe each question in detail, one at a time. Remember to always start simple.

The manuals have great examples of how to connect different gear and go over the settings in detail. I highly recommend you read through the manuals, take notes and practice connecting and using each device alone before attempting anything more complex.