Digitone: allow FX parameters to be PLOCed and LFO'd

On the octatrack I can send LFO’s to FX parameters and I can Parameter Lock FX parameters. Is it done in a different way on the Digitone? I can’t get figure it out. I hope that feature wasn’t removed!!! If so, please can you add that to the Digitone! Pretty essential.


Hey Chad, the Digitone doesn’t have p-lockable FX. All the Elektron units differ a bit in their implementation.

But there is a workaround on the Digitone with midi loopback. The FX parameters can be controlled with midi CC’s, so you can use one of the midi tracks in the Digitone to control these parameters. The midi output will have to be routed back into the midi input.


I’m pretty sure I p-locked reverb on the Digitone yesterday.

Maybe the send?

The effects don’t have their own track (they’re part of the track on the OT) so can’t be sequenced as part of it - they’re part of the track on the OT, not sends, so they can be sequenced as part of it. The Syntakt does have a dedicated effects track/sequencer and so allows you to do this from what I understand - but not on a per-track basis.


On the DN, I just hold down a step and spin the delay or reverb knob. It’s send, but that doesn’t really make any difference for me. I get the effect on a single step.

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Send is available yes, but you can’t p-lock reverb decay time, delay time, delay feedback etc unless you set up midi loopback.


Or do it externally.
May require other gear.