Digitone 1.40 - Arp bugs fixed?

Using the Digitone with the latest 1.4 os and previous problems I’ve had which were linked to the arp:

  • sometimes crashing when using sound locked arp sounds
  • arps from one pattern continuing to play in the next pattern

I think, seem to be fixed which is fantastic. There’s nothing about this in the release notes though.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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I updated my Digitone to 1.40 and it crashed hard (locked up with high pitched squeal) and wouldn’t start again until i let it rest for a few minutes.

I was using a sound locked 1/4 kick placed at three different places (at different pitches) in a 16 step loop and then it locked up and let out this horrid high pitched loud whine.

Re: not starting for a few minutes
My understanding is that the Digitone and Digitakt both have a super capacitor inside that is used to help store data when the unit is turned off. When it saves in a crashed state, you have to wait until the super capacitor discharges before it will turn back on.

Anyone else experience any of this?

Yeah, that’s one of the bugs I mentioned. Thought it might have been quietly fixed but looks like it hasn’t if you’ve had it on 1.4. Ah well.

I just had this too. Also using an arp sound and sound or parameter lock.

I was having this happen a lot on previous os but haven’t since installing 1.4. Even loaded old projects and patterns that used to crash a lot and they were fine. Maybe just a coincidence.

Hmm bummer. I Only just found out about the 1.40 update and it was the first thing I checked the changelog for. I did quite an extensive bughunt on this bug back in 2021, so I have a couple of patterns that consistently crash the digitone and I can confirm that those still crash.

Perhaps its still not fixed because they still don’t know what exactly causes it. Last info I remember reading about it was this back in March:

So perhaps its a good idea to send elektron a ticket if you haven’t already done so, since they report that not a lot of people have reported this bug to them. :v:t2:

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I notice with DK 1.40 that when I move around the menus with the arounds, something it jump/down/left/right up 2 slots instead of one.

Anyone else?

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Haven’t had this issue with the arps myself but for the first time ever my Digitone occasionally freezes on start up (now that I have 1.40) and it never did that in all the years I owned it.

Others experiencing any of the above? Might downgrade the firmware