Digitone 1.30A freezing while slave to DAW

No Overbridge. Just syncing DT to midi Ableton Live. Playing, stopping, starting track, very very frequent DT freezes. Sometimes making digital noise through the analog outputs. It isn’t a freak occurrence. Happens every 5-10 minutes. The solution is to turn off DT, restart DAW and its back again, for a few minutes. Anyone with the same issue? Thanks.

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Nope…but be sure to raise a ticket though, could be important to raise it…

Also…which operating system?

Yeah it crashes frequently. I am restarting my DAW / Digitone Keys every 5-10 minutes.
macOS 10.15.7 Catalina.
Digitone 1.30a.
I have it synced via USB, slave to Ableton.

I have also had problems with the system on the digitone being sluggish while running on Overbridge. I moved away from that and just have the audio going into my interface. Considering just going old school and using MIDI from my interface to start up the digitone with the DAW. I will open a ticket with elektron.


that crashing frezzing and buzzing sound can happen when you have midi clock loops…
are you sure you have all the clock settings correct?..

I am also experiencing the sluggish controls sometimes on the digitone when using overbridge especially in the lfo section… btw


It’s most likely a MIDI loop – you need to make sure the DN is not sending MIDI to the DAW which is then being sent back to the DN by the DAW, etc – it will lock it up. You can stop that happening in your DAW or in the DN’s MIDI menus (easiest is to just change MIDI OUT to MIDI or DISABLED in the DN port config).



That is a good question. I use the digitone to slave midi clock via USB. I also use the keyboard as a controller for midi tracks in ableton. I will have to look into ‘midi clock loops’. I have never heard of that or experienced that in the past. If you have any resources, that would be great. And yes. I found Overbridge more of a pain than useful when you start throwing notes in there. Unable to make live adjustments.

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Hm this is interesting. I do use the Digitone as a controller in to ableton midi tracks, but I have Ableton clocking the Digitone to start with the DAW.

OK, in that case you want the MDI out to be USB, which means that the simple fix I suggested won’t work for you. This may help: go into the settings menu->MIDI config->Sync and then make sure that Clock send is not checked, and also make sure that transport send is not checked. That will stop clock information being mirrored back to Ableton. then, in MIDI config-> Ports, uncheck “receive notes” and “receive cc/nrpn” (assuming you are not sequencing the DN Keys from Ableton, just using clock/transport).


Thank you so much. I am going to look at the config now and report back. I actually do think I have transport sending out via usb.


So clock send and transport send was NOT on, but “receive notes” and “receive cc/nrpn” was on in the PORTS section. I am going to run it at my lunch break and test these new settings. Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it. I thought it was a bug, but it sounds like some incorrect midi settings. Again, thank you.

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This is interesting, because i read the thread based on the fact that i am getting what i am convinced is a midi loop using the DN with OB…

Infact if i start an FL20 session with the OB vst as part of the session and the DN is switched on, FL crashes…yet if i turn the DN off, FL starts fine…sometimes it runs, sometimes it stutters, sometimes i get glitcing…if i start a session with the DN on, but there is no OB plugin then FL runs fine…

All settings for MIDI are fine and exactly the same as DT, ARmkii, A4mkii.

I have put it out there on the DN bug thread but have been met with radio silence…

Maybe we all 3 need to raise this in through the correct channels and actually ticket so it gets looked at…?

I’m only getting sluggish controls on the digitone, I figured it’s overbridge because it used to do the same with the Rytm mk2 when searching samples but that was fixed in an update…
Other wise it all is working ok I don’t have any midi loop issues…

I do have a problem that some others are having also where I can’t have more than 2 overbridge devices switched on when opening ableton or it crashes.
Maybe you are having a similar problem?

Yeh i thunk that, i do have 4 running!, but its only ever the DN that it happens to, and its only since an os update…all 4 were running fine on pc together until the last public os release…

Then i though settings must have reverted after the update, but have been pulling my hair out trying to nut it out…i know what MIDI loops do to FL, and its behaving like EXACTLY that when using OB vst…

I have of cource tried unplugging the other units and can get it to happen with just the DN in play…i will video it maybe…

Dont wanna hijack this this thread, and dont want to have the same conversation spread on multiple threads, so maybe i will wait for OP to post thier MIDI settings for a comparison…and ticket my experience direct with Elektron…so as not to add NOISE and irrelevant info.

My spider senses tell me something is buggy though… im sure its an easy fix for the Elektron team as long as enough users are ticketing and feeding back info, to enable the dev team to Sherlock Holmes the mystery.

Been trying to work out how to MIDI ox the bi directional midi info between the DN and the OB VST plugin to see if i can spot any difference, because it will run fine with just midi and audio or even just stand alone OB, if anyone knows that might help…(me anyway)

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The freezing has been rectified thanks to everyone here. I had ‘receive cc / nrpn’ on the digitone, although I was not sending anything besides midi clock to it. Thanks for the insight, I had never heard about midi loops. Now. Lets move the conversation about OB making the Digitone sluggish. I would love to use OB for devices, but I ditched it for audio outputs due to it being unusable when in OB mode. Anyone have any ideas on which thread to go to? :wink:


I posted a thread about the slugish (lag of the controls) digitone in overbridge but i thought i was the only one… I found no solutions at all, it drives me mad !

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Drives me mad too. Digitone Keys so laggy if usw. it with OVERBRIDGE.