Digitone 1.20 + Plugin + Overbridge

Hey all, any expieriences with the new plugin? One voice modulated in bitwig using the plugin and some lfos turns my Digitone into a uncontrollable randomsource! I really like it - sounds crazy - but i’m not shure it is intended.
Anyway - the plugin rocks! Cheers.

If you automate a destination (e.g. Level A) from a DAW/Plugin and also have a one LFO controlling the same destination at he same time the Level A will get two sources telling it what to do. It will probably sound uncontrolled but is expected.

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I’ve not had great experiences with Digitone with Overbridge yet. Any time my digitone is plugged in to usb in overbridge mode, I get massive amounts of latency with crackles and pops.

It’s weird because I don’t have this issue with my RYTM or Analog 4. When I get the chance I’ll properly document it and send it off to the bug reports, but wondering how other people are going with it so far.

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Hi there, I experienced the same thing. I plug the DN into the computer (PC), all of a sudden the volume drops by at least 12dB if not more on the DN’s outputs, and there’s a HUUUGE amount of latency (like: a second). This is with fw 1.20, and Overbridge latest beta as of today, used as a standalone editor (so slightly off topic, my apologies). OB warns about my computer’s buffersize but I didn’t configure that because I don’t use the computer for Elektron audio pass through, nor do I want that in any way, I just want OB for the editor/librarian duties. I might be overlooking a set-up procedure though…

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I use it as standalone and as vst in Cubase with usb-only connection.
Two things I met (not actually problems):

  1. I had to disable ASIO Guard in Cubase (both, Digitone Software and Cubase’s documentation, noted that fact)
  2. At first I tried to send midi in cubase to the plugin. Mod wheel, AT and other CC didn’t work. If you send your midi to the device port instead, everything works fine.
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I use the plugin for sound design, but I run into an issue when using it for midi where some of the notes the plugin sends back to the digitone don’t register as off, so the digitone will hold the note until I press stop twice on the digitone. I use FL studio for the DAW, so I have worked around this by creating 4 midi out channels that send midi to each of the digitone’s tracks while having the plugin act as something that is there only for sound design and routing the digitone audio to individual mixer channels. Using midi out channels in this manner also allow me to program and automate parameters outside of the digitone’s software, such as automating filter envelopes. The downside is this seems to send A LOT of midi data to the digitone, and my digitone is physically unusable as the menu system on it becomes very slow.
In fact, I have uploaded the .flp file in this reply. If you use fl studio 20, you can drop this in your templates folder and use it as a template. It’s pre-configured with all the audio routing and midi tracks.
Digitone-template.flp (141.2 KB)

Ok I figured that out: there are two settings in USB config on the DN: “int to main” which defines if the audio should go though the computer or directly to the mains output. The default is auto, and seems to privilege the computer roundtrip. I set it to “on” so the sound is direct as usual. The second one is “USB gain to main” which defaults to zero. This must be set to +18 to match the DN’s output stage when you do a roundtrip via the computer. (I try overbridge in standalone mode, maybe this doesn’t apply for DAW users).

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Hi there,

I just found out about the VST plugin. It runs smooth so far but there is one thing that drives me crazy:
How can I send MIDI notes from the DAW (here:Live) to other tracks than TRACK1, when using the VST.
So far I used different MIDI channels but I don’t get it how it works with the VST. I guess the solution is quite obvious, but I would need your help though.

Thanks a lot.

Have you figured it out yet?

Overbridge is working at OSX 10.9 as VST.
What makes it useless for me is the fact, that the mutes are only sent out to the Main Mix. The Mutes are ignored at the individual tracks.
Besides the FX is going only to the Main Mix.

I don’t find the logic in here, it would be fine to use the strength of intuition and mix it later at the DAW. But I’m loosing my performance and getting everything recorded summed. So why use Overbridge for that?

No, my workaround is to open additional midi tracks in the DAW that send their data to the individual channels of the digitone.

I’m a little confused, that it seems we are the only two guys facing this issue. There must be something obvious we are missing, as this is such a pain in the ass and turnes the whole VST thing into a joke.

Yeah it is weird. But even the multiple midi tracks doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t matter what channel it is on, it always plays track 1. So I don’t use the VST anymore., until this is fixed.

I managed to configure digitone vst in ableton Live so I can send midi/receive audio on four tracks independently to/from the vst plugin (hint use: external instrument in live).
Unfortunatelly pitchbend, modwheel, aftertouch do not work!
According to what i’ve read, it’s supposed to work if I send data to the usb-midi device rather than to the plugin, but that is impossible to achieve in Ableton Live with usb only digitone connection. This is so stupid!
Is it possible to solve this somehow, or I have to sit and wait for Elektron to improve the vst plugin?

yes working with individual ableton midi tracks was my workaround too.
as for now the vst is not really useful for me.

Does anyone use Cubase and can give some hints about how to add overbridge Digitone to a track and record the individual audio tracks?