Digitone 1.2_ bugs discussion


Bug: The FX on the Master applied to the audio input seem to randomly stop working. Especially the delay. And sometimes the reverb.

It will come back on if you enable one of the DN synth tracks with delay. Seems to forget it’s supposed to put delay on the input after a while if no synth tracks have delay.

Definitely problematic in live performance / live jam scenario.


Yep, I’ve had this happen to me on the live input


Check track quantize level or pattern quantize level. Quantize is non-destructive on these boxes. You can go into unquantized record while your track or pattern is still set to quantize at a specific value. This allows you to unquantize or requantize variably.


Put in a report I had the same happen in closed beta. They tweaked the firmware and it seemed to fix it for me.


I can confirm this. Mod wheel, pitchbend and aftertouch do not appear to be working when transmitted over USB, They do work when transmitted via midi din socket.


Okay, thanks for your confirmation! I will report this bug to Elektron.


Actually, Im having trouble getting my digitone to respond to USB midi at all. Just discovered it, so I havent yet done a whole barrage of testing with different equipment. I have made sure channels and stuff is all good; Input set to MIDI+USb in Midi config and in USB settings I have USB MIDI selected, not Overbridge.
All is working fine with MIDI DIN. Overbridge seemed to work well, when I tested it the other day. is there something else Im missing?


Thanks alot took your advice and submitted a ticket


You need to select Overbridge mode instead of USB + Midi mode on your Digitone otherwise overbridge will not work.


Right. Overbridge did work when I tried it. Now, Im just trying to regular USB MIDI- a keyboard thru a usb host. Works with my Minitaur, and blofeld… not digitone.


Okay, I understand. My DN works almost like it should when I route the USB cable via a USB host. I have problems with pitch bend, mod wheel and aftertouch not working in Overbrigde mode though. I need to test if it works flawlessly if I connect it directly to the computer.


Ok- I did some more testing:
keyboard -> computer -> USB MIDI on Digitone seems to work fine. Even pitchbend, mod wheel, and other CC’s.

Keyboard DIN Out -> USb Midi Host Box -> USB MIDI on Digitone does not work. The USB host box is a DIY arduino affair, so potentially the error could lie there, but like i mentioned before, this setup does work with other synths- Moog Minitaur, Waldorf Blofeld. I can try others, when I dig them out. I also tried with different keyboards.

Trying to think of way to connect the B -end of the usb cable (from the usb host box) into my computer so as to see what is happening thru Midi Monitor


Is anybody else having problems copy and pasting patterns?When I copy and paste pattern 3 to pattern 5 it only copies events and initializes the sound of the tracks. In fact, I can only copy and paste patterns in the first three slots. Also my trigs did not copy.


thanks. that worked!


I found a firmware bug. When i save the pattern my trig4 have a purple light.
IMG_1275.HEIC (492.7 KB)
IMG_1276.HEIC (523.4 KB)


Definitely some weird stuff going on with the muting system. there are 2 bugs now that need attention:

  • Quick saving sets the DN in mute mode. Pressing func exits it.
  • with pattern mute mode active: when in grid recording mode, pressing func to quick mute a track mutes the track globally instead of pattern muting.

During a live set this can become confusing.


what is this new ctrl all revert funktion?


It reverts the control all tweaks to the state before the tweaks and can be performed instantly without letting go of the MIDI button and then pressing NO (MIDI+NO). Then if you have been doing this on several pages you need to go back on those pages and press NO (without letting go of the MIDI button).


It is not properly a bug but the screen saver is not working when an lfo or a midi clock is sent from another instrument (digitakt and octatrack in my case) even if sequencers are stopped.
I think sceen saver should work if none trig or encoder are used.

EDIT : my bad ! Screen saver doesn’t work only when the digitone receive a LFO from another instrument but it stills useless as this.


This is by design. When you use the instrument the screensaver should not activate. It’s hard to differentiate a MIDI CC LFO going into the synth from other manual or automated MIDI CC messages.