Digitone 1.2_ bugs discussion


Bug: The FX on the Master applied to the audio input seem to randomly stop working. Especially the delay. And sometimes the reverb.

It will come back on if you enable one of the DN synth tracks with delay. Seems to forget it’s supposed to put delay on the input after a while if no synth tracks have delay.

Definitely problematic in live performance / live jam scenario.


Yep, I’ve had this happen to me on the live input


Check track quantize level or pattern quantize level. Quantize is non-destructive on these boxes. You can go into unquantized record while your track or pattern is still set to quantize at a specific value. This allows you to unquantize or requantize variably.


Put in a report I had the same happen in closed beta. They tweaked the firmware and it seemed to fix it for me.