Digitone 1.10: bug discussion [n.b. later OS bugs topics exist]

I wanted to raise a support ticket for the ‘amp envelope reset’ issue I’ve encountered but the system seems to be in a transitionary state. It kept telling me to fill in my details before going on to create a ticket, but then the option never appeared. Can anyone confirm if it’s working? The inability to do the slow pickup from the current envelope level is a bit of a pad killer so would be great to register this ASAP.

I’ve been getting a few hanging notes with it too, sequenced from an Octatrack. Only hitting Stop on the Digitone twice clears them. I’m sequencing an A4 too, with no issues, so I initially suspect the Digitone.

I don’t know is this known issue or not, but Track sounds affect each other time to time.
Let’s say if I change T1 sound then also T3 sounds totally different.

For example: I have hihat on T3. And melody on T1. Now if want to change T1 sound, I choose next sound from sound bank and then also hihat on T3 sounds different. It happens randomly.
And if this happens, if I mute T1 then hihat on T3 sounds normal again.

Firmware 1.10 and just digitone, nothing else connected with it.

I think this may be down to the way Elektron handle multitimbrality. It always bothered me on the Analog Four and I never found a solution. Usually it was related to ‘VCA’ levels not being handled correctly between shared voices, at least IIRC.

Hmm, I never had such issue with A4.

Have you tried forcing your hihat track to use only one voice?

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Same here.
It’s there from release february 2018.

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I had an issue for a little while with my digitone where my lfo settings were affecting other tracks. I did like four factory resets and it went away after the fourth. Haven’t had that problem since. Even after upgrading to current os

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i had the same until i figured out that im not in pattern A01 anymore or pressed the midi button. so you just unmute the midi tracks but the internal tracks stay muted.

i like it more on the Digitakt where the internal and midi tracks are separated buttons

Is there any official or informal schedule for Digitone firmware updates? One massive fixup after a couple years instead of incremental support? None at all? Overbridge ate the bugfix budget? (;

This is my first elektron box, so I never followed that closely how they handle updates in general, and there’s not exactly an abundance of data points to infer it from from the Dn and DT update history, lol. Has anyone more insight to share?

btw, …you gotta love companies like for example Novation or even 2 man outfits like Synthstrom for their fervent zeal to fix and enhance their hardware years after releasing it. I can’t help taking different approaches to these things more and more seriously over time.


No; Elektron only rarely pre-announces features or firmware releases. They do have a track record of continuing to support each instrument with bug fixes and additional features for a few years after release.

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I’m also waiting on a firmware / OS update to address the issues posted. I think they are focusing on OB at the moment :thinking:


Soon after connecting Logic ProX out to DT (V.1.10) MIDI in, my unit acquired a strange behaviour.
The trig velocity resets to zero on all channels, often enough to be a nuisance.
Opening and closing Logic projects does this every time, even in projects with no MIDI tracks.

Try this…

Had my first DSP boot failure after a few months of ownership. It seemed to accompany some sort of midi sync error where the page indicator lights were not changing at the right time - they were about 1/2 a beat delayed. This made it difficult to time stuff correctly in real time. After two resets, and also unplugging everything from it, the digitone started behaving correctly again.

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I’ve been experiencing the bug where the first step of the sequence is intermittently missed on playback. Also trying to get my head around a really strange thing; I’d sequenced patterns on it via my Octatrack, and had decided that I’d be better to write them directly onto my Digitone so that I can make use of P-locks and the like, so I manually replicated every setting per step (note length, velocity etc etc). when playing back on the DN however, the patches behave quite differently than they did when sequenced externally. Cannot for the life of me fathom why.

In my experience you will get “DSP boot” failure when you save your work and switch Digitone off immediately, without letting it wait a bit (until “loading” message disappears).

The other way how “DSP boot” message might appear is, when you switch Digitone on or off inaccurately. Like if you switch ON/OFF switch with soft finger - this switch is quite resistance and if you don’t push it strong enough, it might cause a super slight, almost unnoticeable interruption. And it may cause DSP boot error.

A hacky fix for first step getting skipped, with microtiming, move the first trig in tracks that have a trig on the first step of a sequence one click foward.

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aye, thanks - I’ll give that a bash. presume they’ll sort this in the next firmware. Odd that it never happens when externally sequenced.

Try recording the MIDI output of each sequencer (Octa vs Digi) into a MIDI monitoring software and compare them. Otherwise I’d guess it’s velocity or something but you say you set that the same.

I’ve seen the 1st note missed but I think it’s only when you first start playing the pattern, on looping it plays when expected.

Is this step „on grid” ? If it’s earlier it won’t play on first run.