I am considering buying a DIGITAKT as a midi sequencer for creating patterns and song sequences with the SPDSX as both my input (creating beats) and output (the sequencer triggering sounds in the SPD-SX and playing them through the output of the SPD-SX).

So to clarify, I’d like to:

•play a drum part on the SPD-SX,

•“record” the midi with the DIGITAKT to create real time patterns which I can then quantize.

•create step sequenced songs from those patterns on the DIGITAKT

•hit play on the the DIGITAKT and have the sounds come back out of the SPDSX.

Is this an incredibly complicated thing to do for someone with very minimal midi experience?

Is the DIGITAKT a bad choice for creating songs in this way? I’ve been using an old boss DR770 to create step sequenced songs for almost 20 years but never in collaboration with a pad (although I’ve always fantasized about it and now I have an SPDSX!) and I feel like the DIGITAKT may be the right upgrade for this.

If I were to do this, where would I begin and are there any tutorials on how learnt the process of how to do something like that?

Well I’ve just realized that my wild idea of creating step sequenced songs out of patterns is out the window because the DIGITAKT does NOT have a “song mode” and even more so while it has “pattern chain”, I can’t SAVE a pattern chain.

My next option is the Analog Rytm because I am NOT going to buy another octatrack and pull my hair out for three months only to sell it out of frustration AGAIN.

How many MIDI input do you have on SPD-SX?
Rytm MIDI out (introduced recently) is a bit limited, but should work.

Are you referring to the midi din jacks? Just a standard midi in and midi out.
I’m looking at the Rytm MKI

No, I was talking about the number of different MIDI channels the SPD can receive.

Rytm mk1 is a really good drum machine, still supported.

Oh! That makes more sense :rofl: I believe it can send/receive 16 channels but I may be reading the manual incorrectly. There is no statement to my knowledge saying it’s limited to fewer than 16.

After a very quick search, I believe it sends/receives on only one MIDI channel.

Note that you can also track a good old Machinedrum ^^


This isn’t quite what you’re asking but I’ve had good luck with the SPD-SX as a midi controller for the DT. So sequences and audio coming from the DT, but the SPD-SX handles velocity etc. The main reason to do it this way around is that I find it a lot easier to load samples and arrange kits into the DT as opposed to the SPD-SX. Each pad can be assigned a midi channel that corresponds with a track on the DT.

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Oh I love editing samples in my DAW and dumping them into my SPDSX.
The problem with the Digitakt is I would have to create sample chains every time I turned it on and can’t create songs.

I personally never really saw this as a huge issue with the digitakt, just order your patterns in the progression you want, then there isn’t really anything to remember you just travel from left to right. Maybe jump back a few patterns in the moment. I suppose that’s what I like about working without a song mode is you tend to make more decisions live. I actually use my analog 4 that way also, song mode just isn’t really for me I suppose.

If your playing guitar or something at the same time it does become a bit of an issue but if you play your sequencers then to me it’s all gravy

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That’s definitely the issue. I’m playing guitar and singing. I want to record and arrange parts. It would be cool to have a piece of hardware performing instead of a backing track though. I’ve been making industrial music since 2001 and I really prefer premade sequences

Maybe I need to just figure out how to do this with my old DR770. I’m still pretty ignorant to midi after all these years. It’s a bit overwhelming to me.

Midi can be overwhelming but it can also be flexible to meet your needs. I agree with @bwo the limitations of not having song mode means creative solutions that loosen up the performance. To each his own tho.