Digitakt with Looper for transitions


Hi guys
Anybody uses that two machines together ?
If yes how do you use it ?
Had the idea that to loop the digi with a 4ms double looping delay module, add some filter and a Vca to make some smooth pattern transitions.


I use it with a pigtronix infinity looper. It has a great midi sync so everything is playing like a charm.
It’s a good system and live is a life saver


How do you use the loops live ?
Would like to hear some more impressions


Either I save some loops or audio file to use it for transitions or, as always have a mixer on stage, I use a send or a bus to record stuff into the Looper and add it on top of the digitakt.


I did it with an EHX 95000 looper and DT. Typically I added some live bass into the looper as the song progressed, and by the end the looper could keep playing during transitions


Hi there.
How’s the EH looper? How’s the midi timing? Have you tried it with beats?
I’m really intrigued by it


When midi is locked it’s great…keeping it locked is another matter, but that could be my fault. I like all the channels it offers and it sounds pretty darn good. Strictly for midi timing, the Infinity seems to get the best reviews


Ah. The good things with the infinity is that is sample locked when in midi. Really amazing


One looper pedal I rarely see mentioned in these conversations is the ‘Rang III’ pedal from Boomerang. I was involved in the development of its firmware, and have been using two of them in my live rig for years now. It is possibly the most functional looper pedal on the market, and I’m not saying that from a bias point of view either; that is to say, I don’t stand to make any money from the sale of these pedals. I was introduced to Mike Nelson (the original owner) through a colleague who thought we might benefit from each other’s knowledge and like-mindedness, and ultimately I got involved mostly out of my own self-interest as a performer looking for the perfect live-looping solution.

That said, for those of you doing EDM primarily, about the only thing I see as a potential drawback is the fact that you can’t save loops: i.e. it is strictly a live looping pedal, in the truest sense of the word. There are also no onboard FX like delay or reverb. But the MIDI sync is rock solid, you get up-to four stereo loops with a ton of looping time, and just about every essential looper function you could possibly need.

Anyway, just saying…



The 4,5 minutes max. recording time at 48kH/stereo is shared across all 4 loops, isn’t it? So with all loops maxed out it is 1,1 minute per loop?


Yes, there about, which would be over 30 bars of 4/4 time at 120 BPM, per loop. There’s no loop storage, so it’s not like you’d be dividing that up over an entire set’s worth of songs or something silly like that. We’re talking about using a looper to capture samples on-the-fly, to be used within the track or as a transition or what-have-you. I don’t know how long your songs are, but in all my years of performing, I can’t say I’ve ever needed more loop time than that. At any rate, as an often overlooked real-time looper with solid MIDI sync, I just thought I’d mention it.



I’ve tried several setups… easiest/cheapest is probably a Kaoss Pad 3 - similar footprint, stupid-easy looping, MIDI sync, effects (more quantity than quality but oh well) - you’ll probably (or should I say ideally) need a mixer with a crossfader to go between both sources… there are some small, portable options around.

I was thinking of selling my OT and using my DT only, but I’ve tried them together again and now I’m not sure… I might go back to the idea of using them together - the only thing that was keeping me from doing it (after experimenting with it for a while) is that it’s not as foolproof (ie. I have to rememeber to reload the part to avoid mistakes - that is, if I’ve been messing around with the transition loop)… of course this is an expensive alternative, but I already have both.

smallest option ever , wich I also tried is the RedSound Soundbite Mini - but they’re discontinued, and no midi - they respond to bpm detection, wich can drift apart with irregular rythms… for this setup a djmixer would also be needed
I’m still undecided on wich setup I’m going to use



I like kp3 by korg forlooping
It is intuitive, fast and needs no preparation