Digitakt with Akai MPK Mini mkII


I’ve been using my Digitakt in my studio for quite a while now and I’m looking to expand its functionality a little bit and free up a bit of desk space by moving a couple things to a rack. I just picked up an Akai MPK mini mkii and I’m trying to map the knobs and pads to work with the Digitakt.

I’ve got the knobs working as I wanted, but the obstacle I’ve run into is that the Akai editor note selection is limited to C-1 = 0 as the lowest value, so I can’t select C-2 as my first pad, C#-2 as my second, etc. in order to play each sample from the auto channel (10).

Has anyone figured out a way to get this working? Any help is appreciated.


The naming of midi notes (c-1,c-2 etc.pp.) can differ between manufacturers, because the MIDI standard have missed to fix the naming. So C-1 on one device can be named C-2 on another device or even C0.

What’s important is the numerical MIDI note value (0…127) and not how it’s named.


Got it. Thank you for the clarification. Good to know. I’ll give it another attempt in a bit.


I’m still confused. I thought the values were independent but they aren’t. When one changes the other does as well.
The limiter is that within the editor 0 = C-1. When I hit the pad, it’s sending C-1, I can’t assign it a lower value.


It’s working.

After using Live 10’s MIDI effect plugin Pitch to lower the notes an octave (which worked) I unplugged the MPK, restarted my computer, plugged it in, loaded the map again in the terrible editor software and ported it to the controller and gave it another go. It’s now working as I initially wanted, without the pitch plugin. The controllers pads are set to C-1 through G-1 as they were, but are now being received by the Digitakt and Live as C-2 and G-2. I don’t really know what happened but I’m ok with it until it goes wrong again.