Digitakt vs Model Samples + FM... which to buy?

I am looking to acquire some Elektron gear. I hear Digitakt is a great machine, a beautiful monster of simple complexity - some say. Live work-flow, quick+easy uploads, and deep rich sound.

On the other hand looking at price points, and versatility, is there any benefit in purchasing the Model Samples + FM together vs only 1 Digitakt (which is beefy on its own)? I hear they feel much different, pads + knobs on the Models don’t feel as nice as the digitakt, yet, the workflow seems comparative if I were to use the Samples + FM together, and I would also have 12 voices vs 8. I plan on creating my own samples to load for this setup.

Is the sound quality almost the same? I know Sample duration on the digitakt is much larger, but I also heard somewhere you can expand Model Samples. Having the isolated FM options also appeals.

I play the saxophone + guitar + synth in live performance, and heard Analog mk2 is best for interacting with that, but, i can settle using delay + loop pedals for those. Im looking more for a complimentary system, and not a mastermind to control everything. I also have a keystep pro for mixing in my synths. The drums/rhythms are where I current lack. Elektron looks like the winner for my setup, just having trouble deciding which is best suited.

Any advice, or input is super helpful before I drop some coin on this gear. I am happy to see this forum exists!

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If I were limited to about £500 I’d probably go with samples and cycles instead of only digitakt.

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When you say “FM” do you mean Model:Cycles or something else?

they’re still plenty nice on the Models. especially for $300.

I’d say it depends upon what you’re looking to do and what sort of workflow you like. one key difference is M:S will not sample directly (Digitakt will). so loading samples will have to be part of your workflow. also M:C is geared more towards percussion and tone generation than it is a “synth” in the traditional sense. expect the unexpected from it, basically.

I think they’re a great combo and a fantastic introduction to the Elektron world. those two versus Digitakt or Digitone… if you don’t have a very strong desire towards either FM or samples, and would prefer to have both sound palettes (albeit in a simpler manner), it’s a worthwhile approach.

and welcome to Elektronauts!

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Yes, Cycles… I should have used the correct term there :laughing:… shows what I know! Looking at Samples + Cycles vs Digitakt alone

MS+MC is a perfect combo as well ad DT+DN

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I’d say the ability to sample/resample directly with the DT makes it worth the purchase. Sample your saxophone or whatever! That being said I have not spent any time with the Model series. DT is amazing.

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Good to know that, eventually the sax sampling will have to happen, and owning all 3 sequencers would be nice :ok_hand:… plus having 20 voices would be legendary

The Digis are way better in a multi instrument setup simply because they have audio inputs (direct sampling on DT is awesome). Are you looking to loop your traditional instruments? And do you already have a mixer? If not and you want to combine everything together, Octatrack is the best option imo, though I have managed to do some basic looping with DT using its threshold recording and a few button pushes

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I’d go for the Digitakt only, then really invest the time to learn it. Your percussion would be nuanced and varied with the trig locks and conditions. You say you play synths , so I’m assuming you have a synthesizer already. You can sequence it with the DT’s 8 midi tracks. I often sequence one synth using all 8 midi tracks for a 512 step bass or melody line to jam to.

Assuming you take to the Digitakt workflow, add a Digitone down the line and the majority of the learning curve will already be dealt with and you will have the nice FM sounds, sequencer, and additional midi tracks. The build and design of the black metal DT & DN are wonderful. If you are a keyboard player, the Digitone keys would also be worth saving for to compliment the DT.

Good luck either way!


I think it depends, if for now you think you will mostly be loading it with samples from the computer and not resampling then the model samples probably will be the choice. If you want the ability to sample direct then the Digitakt is the way to go, the sample manipulation is more in depth on the DT as well. You might get a little frustrated with, between both the model units you don’t have a dedicated attack parameter and have to use your LFO for it. I think Digitakt and then expand into whatever seems interesting is a nice option because it really pairs well with any hardware. Digitakt + Cycles is a crazy fast work flow and it lets you expand on the sounds from the Cycles once sampled.

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