Digitakt usb problems at a gig

We played 2 gigs with 2 digitakt’s getting clock over usb from ableton. At the first gig the Digitakt wouldn’t turn on for 15 minutes after we plugged in the usb cable. At the 2nd gig my Digitakt froze after 40 minutes and i had to restart. Fortunately we are 3 people on stage so it’s not a big problem if one device fails but i don’t want to go on stage alone with it.

I wonder if it’s only because of the weak usb implemantation. It feels like the Digitakt is really sensitive when it comes to usb. Other devices don’t have that many problems with usb connections.

However we plan on using a midi clock soon. So hopefully that will help to regain confidence in the Digitakt to be used at a gig. I really love that machine and i’ll try anything to get it to work reliable on stage.

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Not turning on for 15 min. is a huge red flag: That should never happen because of USB. I’d look into the possibility of a severely damaged USB cable, or the USB port on the computer or hub being very broken. The problem smells of bad power or ground - and both of these things could be dangerous to your Digitakt.

I would absolutely not plug your Digitakt into that set up again until you verify the other components.

I don’t think there is anything weak about the USB implementation: My live set up is with the Digitakt as my primary instrument, clocked over USB from the rest of my rig, while both sending USB MIDI out from the MIDI tracks and having some of the sound tracks played live over USB MIDI from my drum pad controllers. I’ve been playing this rig live in front of audiences for about two years - and just came back from doing a short live tour away from home - it was flawless every night.


We had different usb setups from different computers and this one is the most problematic. But i had occasional digitakt freezes before with other setups. So had my friend with his digitakt. Also without using usb at all. Maybe it’s not usb related. Fact is that my digitakt froze on me about 6-7 times in two years whereas my other gear never does.

Yikes be carful the sounds like a ground power issue def not the digi that’s electric :zap: behavior zap!

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