Digitakt - Unable to play long samples


Hi there!

I have assigned a sample to Trig 1 but it does not play the entire sample when I play the sequencer.

The start, length and loop positions are adjusted to cover the entire sample.

I went to the FLTR page and set the release to infinity.

I have maxed out the no. of steps to 64.

The sample size is 1.40 MB

Am I missing anything? Please help

Thank you


Try slowing down the sequencer tempo to begin with.


Do you mean that the sample is retriggering when the sequence loops? You can use trig conditions to only trigger the sample on a particular run through of the sequence (like 1:2 for only triggering the sample every on the first of every two loops, or the “1st” trig condition to only trigger it the first time.)


Envelope on the FLTR page is for the Filter, of course. Envelope in the AMP page is Amp Envelope, so you should set that release to infinite.


Don’t forget to set Amp env to infinite release, but retriggering might be a good start.

Does it play the whole sample when you manually trig it?


I’m sorry if this sounds like a silly question, as I’m a newbie with the Digitakt, but where do I find the release on the AMP page?


Yes, the sample plays back in whole when I press Trig 1.

The playback is set to Forward Loop but when the sequencer is triggered, it does not playback the whole sample.


Try Adjusting note length


It’s named decay time (DEC) there. And, yes, adjusting the note length of the trig would do the job, too.


How long is the sample?

Do you want the sample to loop?


From scratch the amp decay time is always set to match trigger lenght (try recording in real time and press the trigger as long as you wish it to play, a short sample will not play that long if it’s not looping though) . You can either manual adjust the triggerlenght to desired steps or keep lenght whatever and turn amp decay all the way up.
Just put your sample on trig 1 and experiment to hear what’s happening. This should solve your problem immediately.
Perhaps you need to tune your sample to match the tempo for a perfect loop.


Thank you so much for this suggestion. I guess I missed adjusting the tempo. The sample is now playing back in whole.