Digitakt tutorials


Does anyone know of some good Digitakt tutorials for a total beginner?. I’ve been through a couple from Cuckoo, but wondered if anyone had came across anything else handy.




I’ve made a couple of Digitakt videos… Just check out the rest of this playlist.

…and if there’s anything in particular you wanna know - ask!


I have found that I feel like less of a beginner when I watch Cuckoo’s videos more than once. Pressing pause, rewinding and repeating sections again is a good thing. It’s also helpful that recent longer videos are arranged in chapters.

Sometimes it takes 2-3 times before I fully comprehend what’s going on, but hey, that’s all part of the fun of learning.


Is there one specific to the LFO/Master sections? I have my head around everything but that!





I am a first time Digitakt user, just got my machine and I noticed you said in your video, that “anything after bank A is untouched territory…” Why does my brand new machine have presets programmed all the way up through the end of bank B?
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If you are talking about the locked preset bank I think there was originally 16 patterns but after an update another bank was added.


Thank you, that is relieving. It’d sucked if I’d gotten a used machine.


I had an early edition and recorded my videos before actual release. Things have changed. To the better! :slight_smile:


I didn’t know about some additional factory presets ! I’m interested as they might be instructional. Where could early Digitakt owners find them ?


I think every new OS update updates also the factory presets. No (Elektron) child left behind … :wink:


Just a minor hint, because it seems you got this mixed up in some of your posts: there are to kind of banks: pattern banks and sound banks.


Not on my Digitakt. :confused: Just the few presets from the beginning in the bank A. Maybe having custom ‘Sounds’ saved in the bank A or B prevent from adding new ones during the OS update ?


That may be the case. I would ask elektron support about this.


Yep, I’ll do that then. Thank you!