Digitakt Transfer/Overbridge Not Working

Hi, I just got a Digtakt to keep myself entertained during self-isolation. I love the machine, but having issues with USB connectivity.

To start I have:

  • Digitakt on software 1.11
  • Transfer
  • OB Beta
  • Macbook Pro, 15" 2017
  • Connected to USB C via apple adapter
  • Catalina OS 10.15.4

The Digitakt is showing in my Midi settings, and showing as an option to select when I load Transfer. “Elektron Digitakt Digitakt in 1” and “Elektron Digitakt Digitakt out 1”. When I hit “Connect” I just get the arrows spinning forever.

I’ve tried turning the midi to USB only, have tried changing auto channel to Off. Any ideas?

I had the same thing going on and haven’t been able to get this set up the way Id like for ages. Did you ever clear this up on your end?

I had a Moto midi express 128 that was also plugged in via USB. Unplugging this got it somewhat working. Overbridge still not there but Transmit is

Hi there, did you figure out how to fix this? I am having the same issue and have been reading forums and the manual for hours and can’t figure out what’s causing this problem…Thanks!

Getting rid of the Moto fixed the problem, somewhat. It started showing up at least. I kinda gave up at that point.

Having issues on MacOS with DT 1.2 and DN 1.3, Transfer identifies both devices only in midi mode and both named Elektron Digitone in 1 and Elektron Digitone Out 1, despite being different devices. Any workaround for erasing midi registry or something. Already tried reinstalling Overbridge and transfer it keeps saying I have two Digitones.

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Switch to usb audio/midi to get transfer to work. I had same issue.

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i have the same problem. audio/midi don’t work.

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when do find a solution please let me know.
thank you

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To some uninstalling everything solved detection, but what I found to be the case is that in Overbridge mode devices are properly identified by transfer, but can’t connect. While in midi mode they can connect but in my particular case they’re erroneously both detected as being Digitones. While some others may not appear which led some people to use legacy for updating, but renders sample managing impossible.
Still in my particular case it’s just a bug, name issue or unproper tag, but its currently working once you sort out which of the two identically named Elektron Digitone In 1 and Elektron Digitone Out 1 to use.

I just solved this the same issue, i installed back transfer 1.1 and it works just fine…
Transfer.zip (3.2 MB)


same here… updating to os 1.2 solved the problem