Digitakt + TR-8s audio via USB

Wondering has anyone successfully connected both Digitakt and TR-8s to computer via USB for recording all individual channels separately?

I guess it should be possible with aggregate audio, but want to hear some user experience before trying myself.

You don’t need to aggregate, you can just use Overbridge for Digitakt and the TR-8S’s core audio multi-track driver at the same time. TR-8S is your audio interface input, Digitakt is through the OB VST plug-in.

See the Overbridge threads for more.


Quick question: not using OB and not willing to.
Therefore I suspect it would be possible to have 2 aggregates (TR-8 and DT).
DT in USB mode?

You could aggregate them. Yes. But that solution is less stable.

I know for a fact manufacturers do not recommend it but I have had 0 trouble on aggregate whereas OB has been a nightmare…
Thanks for confirming anyway :slight_smile:

From my end, running multiple simultaneous versions of OB with Exts. in as well has been excellent.

EDIT: I only wish there was a way to synchronise “Capture” on multiple version ions of OB.

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