Digitakt to Octatrack upgrade: Cons?

As Ot can play what it records instantly, inputs can be mangled while playing. Add a midi foot controller to control crossfader, and you get a magic fx box.


The easiest way to describe the difference is that the Octatrack is a Sunday Roast, while the Digitakt seems more like a picnic (although I don’t own a Digitakt I have been on my fair share of picnics)

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Gah, silly me, I read it wrong and thought it was a workaround for the lack of MIDI arp/retrig. Thanks anyway!

Elektron should do a loopstation like the RC505, but better. :wink:

The only reason I don’t have a RC505 is that I am waiting for better!

An OctaLoop. Multi in/outs of course, few but hi quality effects all the rest can be added by personal processing.


That’s also why I sold it 1.5 years ago, wanting to concentrate on OT. Nothing better for me today as a looper with direct quantized recording.
I received an RC202, today, almost same form factor as AH/DT/DN.
Elektron, please make us a real 8 track looper with all RC505 options and more, better quality.

Something between OT and Rc505 with AH form factor.


What do you mean by this?

If you press rec with QREC too late, you’ll wait next quantized point.
With some loopers (I mainly used RC series) if you press on time, a bit late, it records / stops anyway. I guess there is always an always recording buffer if you miss the quantized timing.

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Ah, I see. Thanx for the info!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I took the leap, and bought an :elot:!
Still have the Digitakt as well for now (trades all fell through), but I’m considering trading it for a Digitone, as I’ve been in the market for an FM synth and it seems great from my limited experience with it.


Congrats! Keep DT for a while, just in case, if you hate OT! :content:


I have an OTMK2 and a DT. Great combo I think, for the many reasons that have already been stated by smarter people than me. The first two weeks with the OT was a bit of a nightmare for me. Seriously considered returning it a few times. Now I’m two months in and it’s become my primary machine. I still get frustrated at times, but I’m able to get stuff done and there really is nothing quite like it. All that to say, try to keep em both!


Not much chance of that, I’m really into i! The only real downsides so far are:
-with MIDI sequencing, any trigs stop all previous notes, meaning you can’t have a long sustaining overlapping notes.
-Similarly, there doesn’t appear to be a way to get p-locks to apply to the next trigs, which as far as I recall is possible on the DT with its Note Length param…
-No quick way to toggle between quantised and unquantised recording… This one boggles my mind, as it’s such a useful thing on the DT!

I haven’t had the typical hands-in-hair buyers-remorse moment yet, probably because I plowed through all the videos and manuals I could find in the weeks prior to picking it up. I also printed the manual, which has been a great help!


OT can’t do everything, but you can be lost with all it can do! :smile:

+1 for DT and DN

I guess this is due to the lack of overlap.

Yeah I think so. Shame though, since it allows for some really interesting stuff with Conditional trigs!

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I have both, and both are indispensable. At first they seemed similar (I bought the DT because I already had OT but 8 tracks was too limited so it seemed like a logical add-on), but now I combine and use them for totally different things.

So it does not seem to be an ‘upgrade’ to me.


Yeah, the upgrade is AR MKII actually.


or even a little indicator to show whether you have quantise on/off - I’d be happy with a single pixel !

some of the tiny requests in this thread will prob start to sound good to you now:


Given the lack of updates (aside from the Cond Trigs), I’ll do myself a favour and not look at all the things I could be wanting :smiley:


You do have 8 recorders(per part) so if you like you can set one up for quantized and one for unquantized and just use track select as the toggle, with 6 free just in that part. The idea is basically instead of changing recorder setup configs you can just make more and switch between them.
Hold mode along with quick sampling enabled is good for unquantized…

Edit: Looks like you meant live recording on the sequencer? I took it as sampling…