Digitakt tips and tricks

Is there any way to sort of stop a sample playing? like a long sample?

wish there was a TRACK + STOP or something like that

im talking about firing them off manually - if i trigger a long sample with the trig key, but want to stop it, it seems like theres no way

You could reduce the release in the amp page to 0

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yeah just hit the stop button twice

That kills everything tho, not the individual sample

I just wanna stop it playing, so I can play it again.

u can do it on the OT but not here I suppose

edit: actually amp release does the trick, just gotta put it back where it was thanks @Aksdnt


Change the track to an empty sample slot and trig…? Then back to the sample you want ans trig again…not so elegant but plockable should you wish…


Fake stereo effect with the delay…

Set the Delay with these settings.

(It won’t result in an audible delay… it will just make the sample sound wide)

TIME= 1.00

WID= 59.00

FDBK= 34

Send the track you want to widen to the Delay at a high rate.

Use the filter in the delay settings and adjust according the sample you’re using

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Trips and ticks


Putting this here for posterity:

Loading samples in a particular order

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Notice this guy holding stop and playing with the play button in the first minute of this clip. Neat trick


I ran into this one last night… it’s obvious, but still very cool.

With 1.11 you can use [NO] while holding the [TRK] button to undo control-all changes.
If you hold [TRK] and tap [NO] with your left hand, while turning an encoder with your right hand, you can tap [NO] to any rhythm.

On this clip from 0:6 - 0:14 I’m turning tune down, and tapping [NO]

Edit - Note that you could do this with [FUNC] + [NO] in the old version, but now you can stack control-all changes. You release [TRK] to keep your control-all tweaks running, then do what I did above, then use [FUNC] + [NO] to go back to the original pattern.

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May have been shared before, and not “technically” a Digitakt specific tip:

I use a bpm to pitch calculator for working with samples. So let’s say I have a sample that’s 98 bpm and I want bring it to 88 bpm, I’ll know more accurately how to pitch the sample to preserve timing. I personally use the WhippinPost one ( I think that’s the name, forgive me) and it’s super handy.


one tip: ob dt vst allows control of parameters in the record page and in essence turns the record page into another track or track 9
the idea gives you an extra track, if you want to see it that way.

control tune, play, start, reverb, bi directional looping on the recorder page
hold yes function and change the controls via ob as you would per track.
scan through the recorder screen wave form by using a external lfo
reverse the sample
tune it
and so on


Another “obvious if you know it” one.

While live recording use [FUNC]+[YES] to keep what you like and [FUNC]+[NO] to try again.

You can do this while the sequencer is running.

To experience this:

  1. Press [FUNC] + [YES] on any pattern to save it to the temp area
  2. Start recording with [REC] + [PLAY] (quantized or unquantized)
  3. Do something, hit some trigs!
  4. If you like what you did press [FUNC] + [YES]
  5. If you don’t like it, press [FUNC] + [NO]
  6. Do something, hit some trigs! (go to #4)

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Excellent tip, how did I didn’t come up with this myself. :grinning:

oh my god your name, snot shot out of my nose

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Nice, does it also recognize the pitch of the Keyboard?