Digitakt stand to sit neatly next to Digitone keys?

My Digitone keys just arrived and woah, is this thing heavy!

Anyway, I immediately set it up and put the Digitakt to the left of it. The Keys has a slopped panel which means the Digitakt is offset from it. Anyone come out with a small stand to level out the two so that the Digitakt is flush with Keys when side by side?

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great stands. Might work…

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Angles too much. My Lego solution works better.
Ikea Stand…too high.

Lego Just perfect (almost):

Stability with the LEGO looks bad. What about cutting the height of IKEA stand?

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It actually is quite stabile. But you are right, it should be better.

What is the actual angle, can someone measure it? I’m asking a guy on Etsy if he can mod one of his Digitakt stands, but I have no way of measuring the angle myself

Includes Rubber feet
Hope this helps to calculate the Angle. Note that the Front is also slight angled.


My goodness, how I love the metric system.

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Mathematics… the universes’ ultimate language. :alien:

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…except in America. We have our own measurement language thank you very much, universe. :laughing: