Digitakt sounds deleted?


Hi guys, sorry in advance for my English, but I need help! In my digitakt there are 64 sounds in bank A and the other banks are empty.

I think I deleted them because I seemed to have more … how can I recover them? another question I loaded 127 samples on the lot but when I want to insert a sound of the 64 of bank A in one of the 8 audio tracks practically passes me only parameters of the sound but chooses a sound among random samples as never? Ah last thing today for the first time switching between a pattern and the other I changed the bpm of the pattern why? should send it in assistance or I can do it alone to fix everything? thanks and sorry again for my english


The bpm can be pattern or project based, whilst in project bpm any changes made in one pattern effect all others also in project bpm.
There are only 64 factory sounds included so unless you saved more thats all there will be, perform a factory reset to get them back. It seems like you are mixing up samples with sounds, the former has many folders whereas sounds only populate bank A out the box. There are also sound pool sounds which can be loaded to each project independantly and are used as inserts on any track, each project can have access to an extra 128 samples with parameters included this way.
You can only have 128 samples in the project ram so if you have filled it up any sounds you load to the track will not have room, I dont know how the machine deals with that but I would imagine it may replace something else causing problems, maybe not fill up the ram unless you need to.