Digitakt Sound Pool trouble

Ok, someone help me out here because I’m about to lose it.

I think I understand how the sound pool works.

However. When I start an empty project, the Pool automatically populates with 8 sounds labeled like a kit “BD Digit” SD Digit", etc.

When I try to populate the pool with my own sounds or samples, in the SRC Sample view, they start on slot 9 and there’s nothing I can do to get rid of those first 8 sounds. For instance, if I add 128 sounds to the pool, I’ll only get the first 120 starting from slot 9, instead of 128 starting from slot 1. If I add ex: “Kick 1_asshole” to slot 1, when I go to the SRC page and scroll the pool, it will be on slot 9.

When I “View Pool” in the sound manager on the DT, all slots are empty. When I use OB, the Project Sound Pool is empty. But no matter where I put my sounds, they always have to start on slot 9. I’ve also tried purge. Nothing works.

Now, for the love of everything holy, please someone tell me how to delete those sounds out of the pool in the SRC tab, or wherever so I can save this as a template and get on with my life.

Sorry for the frustrated tone, I have work to get done.

Thank you so much.

seems you are confusing the sample pool and the sound pool, they are 2 different things…
you can delete the default samples by going to samples menu then left arrow and select view ram…

the sound pool are where “presets” go, the sample pool is where the “samples” go…
when you load sounds (presets) into the sound pool it also puts the sample of the preset in the sample pool… its a bit confusing at first but once you understand it it makes sense

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for the sample slots, you can replace samples by pressing FUNC+YES

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I suppose I didn’t understand as much as I thought about it. Thanks,


Love this place.

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