Digitakt Shortcut QRG

Hi folks,
I’d like to start a Shortcut Quick Reference Guide. -Discovered shortcuts that aren’t specified in the manual.
Have at it!
I read about this one: To Resample Function+Sample BOOM!

I tried exactly that! There’s just so many shortcuts we need a wiki :sweat_smile:

Shared / curated Google Doc?

I’m down to help out. Could also hold links to tutorial videos.


Yeah. Seems like a nice idea - most elektron boxes have had unofficial guides, like Tarekith’s compiled guide for the silver box or Merlin’s guide. Not expecting this to be as big, but something’d be nice.

OT: nice to see you back @Skab - your videos were much appreciated when I got my OT.

TaktTips has a nice ring to it, no? :smiley:


Hey @josker, good to be back, thanks man.

I want to make some more vids, using the Digitakt, but more liked edited down jam sessions with a few tips thrown in on the side.

I was thinking “Digitaktics:wink:

I’ve made the shell of a Google Doc for compiling tips. Not sure how to handle privacy tho. Any ideas anyone?


You can share to anyone who has the link to it. :slight_smile: you’ll only give permission for people to look at and edit that single file.

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Digitaktics :heat:

The concept sounds great. Looking forward!


Thanks @DaveMech - I know how the sharing works but I’m just worried about my email address showing up in the document. I’ve been hacked too many times - not that anyone on here would do that but experience has made me cautious.

EDIT: It’s now been moved here:


I will keep an eye here too and steal the good stuff and put it in the manual :wink:

Function+Sampling actually just starts the Direct Sampling and then it depends on what input source you last selected, where it samples from. If you have selected INT then it will indeed resample. If you set it to some external source, that is where it will look for the audio. :slight_smile:


Personally, I think it would be good it if was kept in house, just in terms of ease of access and always being readable (the price you pay is it has to be formatted with the tools available when you make any post) … maybe a PDF can be curated every now and then …

Anyway … I’m just posting to say that we can set up a wiki thread … basically it allows editing of the OP , so you could use the opening post as a document of sorts and discuss input below it … just let a Mod know if you want to opt for that

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Wiki thread sounds good. Will anyone be able to edit it or just the OP?

I can edit anything, but see if anyone else can edit your post here now, it should work as intended :thup:



I’ve edited to include the contents of the Google doc.

I’ll delete the link to the Google doc from my other post now too.


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It might be best to approach this methodically. Like list all shortcuts per “mode” or something like that. I’ll put my thinking cap on and ponder on this as well.

May i suggest the usage of gitbook? it can create online book with chapters and sections.
I believe that organizing the information with this platform is quite easy allowing for a faster read.

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Did you end up making a shareable doc here? Additionally did you make yourself a stronger password to avoid being hacked again? 2FA is also useful for avoiding that. Oreven setting up another email that connects only to docs.