Digitakt "Rest Empty" didn't clear my Sound Browser (Func


Hello all,

I’m redoing my setup and I decided to backup my Digitakt - with that done, I then decided I wanted to clear the decks on what is on the device.

  1. I did the “Func” + power on and did a “factory reset”
  • I noticed some stuff in there I didn’t want to I did
  1. “Func” + power on and did the “Empty Reset”
  • I then went into the sounds and noticed - well, there are still old sounds left from before the reset.

Given the above I thought i’d check to see if others have noticed this.

Please note: I am running 1.11_Beta for the Overbridge support.
So, it may be something in that firmware but wanted to check.



This doesn’t do anything to the +drive, but only clears the RAM.

And the Factory Reset restores the factory content (as far as I know).


Ah, got it - so there is no know quick way to delete everything.

For now I will go into either (or both) a) the Transfer app and/or b) the Overbridge app for the Digitakt.


If you want to fully nuke, here you go, proceed at your own risk… :wink:


Sweet - thank you!