Digitakt Quick Mute

I understand the difference between the two Mute Modes on the Digitakt. Green for Global and Purple for Pattern.

However, isn’t quick mute (FUNC + Track#) basically the same as global mute? If I’m on one pattern and I quick mute Track 1, say a kick drum - by pressing (FUNC+1) when I then go to another pattern, that track is muted there as well. Isn’t that essentially the same as Global Mute?

Is there a way that you can actually “quick mute” a track on one pattern and then when you go to the next pattern that track won’t be muted? It’s fine, I can use Pattern Mute, I just prefer not to have bright purple lights staring back at me during my entire set…

What is then, the function of “quick mute” ? A mostly insignificant shortcut to do Global Mute without having to press FUNC+BANK? :upside_down_face:

The quick mute is used to access whichever mute mode you have selected, it’s that simple. The FUNC+BANK combo allows you to enter into and toggle between mute modes, and then quick mute displays and allows you to turn on or off mutes in whichever mode was toggled to. It’s not an insignificant shortcut, it’s actually a crucial part of the workflow! The manual explains this behavior in detail.


Wow, I wasn’t putting that together at all. It works. Thank you!

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