Digitakt plugin disappeared in Logic

I have just installed the latest Digitakt OS and Overbridge update and the plug in was showing up in Logic fine but not recognising the Digi. I gave permission to the software in the security and privacy pane (High Sierra) which fixed the problem of Digi not displaying in Overbridge control panel but as a consequence the plug in has disappeared in Logic Pro X. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times but no luck. Currently Digi is working fine with the stand alone app and showing up in OB control panel/engine. Any ideas?? :frowning:


(Elektron/Digi not showing up at all in plugin manager in Logic when I try to rescan)

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Literally had the same exact problem this past weekend when trying to record. I originally downloaded the 2.0.30 patch and in that instance, I COULD see the Digitakt plug-in in Logic, but the software would NOT recognize my Digitakt.

Then I uninstalled that patch, and reinstalled an earlier version (I believe 2.0.11), and the exact opposite became true. Overbridge COULD recognize my Digitakt, but the plug in was NOT accessable in Logic. I’m just hoping this will just get fixed in the next patch.

How does everyone else record their Digitakt projects onto their DAW without Overbridge? I’ve resorted to just recording a phrase from each track and piecing everything together in th DAW, just so I can mix and EQ each voice independently. Works well, but takes forever. Does anyone know if there is an easier way to accomplish this?