digitakt-- please explain colors on the sequences, very confusing, too much to look at...


Digitone has 4 tracks, but up to 8 voices which you can spread along those 4 tracks.
Advantage is: Both together are quite complete. See the digitakt/digitone only music thread to get an idea: Digitone (DN+DT) only music


Thanks Gek, appreciate it.


Major Props and Congrats to Elektron Company. The Digitakt is Impressive, Devastating. You are on the edge of what’s happening in music. And the functions are well designed, complete, well-thought out with the user in mind, like a chess game one step ahead of the user. With enough complexity to want to keep the device, and explore it more, and not get tired of it or bored.

I have never used the Octatrack, Analog 4, I can imagine those boxes are similar in overall concept and design.


Really happy to read that you got around to using & loving that box. It really is fantastic, and I feel the DT and DN are a step above the rest in terms of user friendliness.

The OT and A4 you mentioned are also fantastic, the A4 has become my favourite synth and the OT offers so much, it‘s sometimes hard to choose a place for it (it can do many things well) :slight_smile: