Digitakt patterns doesn´t change on time


Hi, can anyone here please tell me why my digitakt doesn´t make the pattern change on time ??? I know that its normal for DT to make the change program or jump to another patttern after the pattern that its reproduce ends but that ist not my case.

I am usng a DT connected via MIDI to a Roland JP-08 for synths.

Thank you.


it‘s not only yours!

and why can only explain the engineers of elektron!

fact -> no direct PC

proper PC only if you use elektrons to elektrons

from orwell with love :wink:


Hey thanks for your response. Well, I´ve seen some videos on youtube where a dude plays extraordinary on sync with other machines. That’s why I think it should be able to do … we should all be able to do it haha :slight_smile:



How do you enable the Digitakt to change patterns on prg ch message?

Right now, I’ve only got it working on start/stop


When you press the PATTERN button you can change a pattern and by doing this you are changing the prg ch values. I think …


Huh- when I change a pattern on the Digitone the Digitakt stays on the same pattern…


I think you were talkin about Digitakt, maybe if you uptdate the sofware helps you out.


Do a search there’s a trillion posts on this exact topic.


Have a look in the page menu, here you set length per track, master length and change length.


Yes, CH LENGTH is a very important parameter here. The manual entry on it barely makes sense to a native English speaker.

CH.LEN controls for how long the active pattern will play before a cued or chained pattern will begin to play. This setting is important when, for example, M.LEN is set to INF. If no CH.LEN setting is made, the pattern will play infinitely, and the next pattern will thus not be cued. But if CH.LEN, for instance, is set to 64, the pattern will behave like a pattern consisting of 64 steps in terms of cueing and chaining.

I mean it makes sense, but took me about 25 times to get it


Obviously, cause there is a new thread about it every day :wink:


It’s very important to pay attention to the ch.len for getting patterns to play in sync. Ch.len is also a way to ensure conditional trigs get a chance to play before a pattern switches.


Mine works like intended. I read manuals.


That’s awesome. It’s not always tight as a drum on changes though. No pun intended.

And the technical writing in the manual is trash. So many commas and conditional phrases. It’s such a simple concept.

“and the next pattern will thus not be cued”

I kid you not that is a sentence from the manual on CH.LEN.

JJ’s manuals almost make more sense.


Do you have midi sync enable?


Need sync enabled. You can also tell each device to either send or receive program change messages in the setup menu. Seems to work fine for me, but I don’t do anything overly complicated.


Yeah- I figured it out. I had to manually assign identical program change in/out channels

Oddly enough- I’ve done it before, but it’s been so long I’ve forgotten. It works now and the two are a dream to work together.

I almost feel like Dataline jamming on the two as I can constantly change parameters as the patterns play and it doesnt sound bad and almost sounds fitting


haha is true, that manual is very complicated to understand. Thank you very much for your response, it will be very helpful


Hi to everyone, the TRK.LEN function is working very good for me, Thanks to man909 and jox. Just for everyone who wants to konw, i hace to say that DT is awesome and it works every dollar i spend on it … haha i just think that DT its a machine that have to pay a lot of time and effort to understand. Like every elektron machine, i assumed… anyway thanks a lot.