Digitakt Pattern Chain mode

It’s sad that that is how you have to chain patterns together on a $700 drum machine.


Its not working

Just saw this to reply now, very late response.

Could you set the ch.length to twice the legnth of the first pattern so that conditionals will play before the pattern switches to the next in the chain.

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yep. otherwise known as “the mode that shall not be mentioned”.
generally the answer to your question is “you’re not doing it right here’s a youtube video of someone doing something totally different to what you want to do and THEY didn’t need song mode so YOU’RE WRONG”
haha my work around was selling it you might wanna try it I don’t have any problems at all with it now

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I wasn’t able to get this to work either. Do we have a confirmed way to make a chain where the first pattern is repeated several times?

Argle Bargle!

This definitely works.


ok, got it to work finally. I was holding down PTN the entire time.

Is there any way to view the chain after it’s created without losing it?


Still works with v1.10 on my side, so I’ll try write a better procedure…

  1. Press and hold [PTN].
  2. Press and hold any [TRIG 1–16] that is not your first pattern—continue holding throughout.
  3. Let go [PTN], then press and hold it again.
  4. Press your first pattern [TRIG 1–16] key twice or any number of repeat you need.

You should see the pattern number appear multiple time in the pattern name area.


Not that I’m aware of.

THANKS, you ninja god

YO! I just found out about the chain mode by accidentaly pressing PTN 1-2, was just about to write it on here thinking i’m the new genius discoverer. @thie1210 your procedure works very well, thank you for that.


Fantastic, than you for this!

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Works here, thanks!

Manual should really explain that.

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I’d like to know how “the chain can consist of 64 pattern entries” as mentioned in the manual. I can’t seem to get more than 6 presses of a pattern button before the cain is full. Once the pop-down display of the patterns that I am putting in shows up it doesn’t scroll or anything, no matter what pattern I try to add after the 6th one, does this make sense?

Anyone else have this experience?

For those using Logic (im sure other daws will do the same) you can setup up in the Environment, a way to play a note on a controller and have that converted to a program change message you can send to all connected boxes.

So you can either have a midi track play back yer prog change you recorded with yer kb controller. Or you could just manually play the kb and sequentially trigger your patterns or freestyle it.
You can put yer laptop in a spot away from view and just play the pattern changes from yer kb. SONG MODE, with flexibility of sequencing patterns of the fly.

added pic


I am having trouble just getting copying and pasting a pattern. Read manual, read mixed sentiment posts, and still can’t get it to work.

I also can’t get the damn thing to save the name I save the project as on the screen always stays untitled even after saving the project.

I don’t know.

Frustrated but still loving the device just wish I could get the functionality of naming and copy/paste things. Something about how the device works and my brain aren’t seeming to mesh well yet after 6 months with it.

Appreciate any suggestions or link s to quality vids that would help.


You can name project after saving. Or create an empty project (to start with) and then name it but in both cases I believe (new user here) you can ONLY name a project after having created it.
This all goes through the project menu.

To copy/paste a pattern, I have experiencied mixed results depending if the sequencer is running or not.
Though it always works if the sequencer is NOT running. Dunno why though.

Hope this helps,

The untitled you are seeing is the name of the pattern not the project. Patterns can be renamed with options found by pressing the […] button.


THanks Jeff