Digitakt&Overbridge2.0s Question


I use it with a combination of Digitakt and Ableton.
However, it does not work properly in the VST system.
The buffer size is 512.
Sound skipping is terrible.
Today I tried to move with Digitakt Stand Alone.
There was a skipping skip, and playback of data was also unintended.
I think that I will reinstall the OS.
Does everyone have Overbridge 2.0 Beta working steadily?
Please tell me the best way to use.


reduce the buffer size ?
alter the margin size ?

i think other people have had similar issues and elektron are aware / improving it .
issues are worse with bugger buffer sizes but theyre working on it.


Thank you for your reply.
Since it is a Beta version, it is necessary to have patience.
However, even when used stand-alone, it became unstable. I would like to improve OS.
We will also request to Elektron branch office.
Thank you