Digitakt/Overbridge/Logic ABSOLUTE Beginner

Hey all, after some searching around I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to get real answers would be to ask for help on here. I’m completely new to hardware, the digitakt being my first instrument. I bought it loving the sound and the idea of infinite possibilities but I seem to be unable to move forward due to my lack of knowledge on digital sequencers and drum computers etc. So what I’m asking for is some help setting up my digitakt in logic pro x 10.2.0

i would ideally like to record what beats i’ve been making on my digitakt into my DAW to edit them as audio tracks on there, recording them much like you would record a guitar, or vocals. is this a possibility, and if so, where do i start? sorry for the possible vagueness, i’m at the total beginning here.

ps i’ve downloaded overbridge beta as well

Overbride lets u do exactly that. Not sure about it’s support for Logic though.

You can always record every single track through your DTs master output and muting all the other ones , in case OB doesn’t work well with Logic.

Yea you can stream tracks out on Logic. You need to set up individual audio tracks in Logic for each channel on the Digitakt and enable record on them. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

/another newbie here.

I think there s a conspiracy to prevent users from multi-tracking from Digitakt to Logic.

Can anyone point me to resources that will explain how to set up 8 tracks in Logic for each audio out from the Digitakt?

I’ve gotten as far as establishing the 8 tracks in the DAW but each out track all 8 Digitakt outs.

mega confused

On mine track nbrs do not line up with the digi audio tracks on logic, i.e. 1 on digi = 3 and so on. Im using the Digitakt as my interface. Remember to enable record on the all the tracks you want to stream to. If this doesn’t help, the principles of this old video should work (setting up busses):

Admittedly it’s a smoother experience on ableton but once you have it working, just save the project as a template so you don’t have to do it again. Elektron have made it clear that the Beta is best optimised for Ableton atm.

EDIT: just seen you have record enabled

Thanks! I’ll give it a whirl tonight.

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Hope it works :slight_smile:

It did actually, thank you!

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Glad to hear it :slight_smile: