Digitakt Output jacks don't work when using overbridge plugin?

As soon as i launch the digitakt plugin in ableton I am no longer able to hear anything out of the headphone or left right output jacks on the digitakt. I have everything on in the audio routing but can only hear the sound if I monitor the plugin via usb. I like the ability to multitrack record but i’d like to monitor the digitakt using the output jacks so that there is no latency. Any ideas?

Same issue. Up!

Are you using a second audio interface as well? If so, make sure your computer and DAW recognize that you’re trying to use the Digitakt as the soundcard. On Windows you can select the sound source by clicking the speaker icon located on the bottom right of the screen/taskbar.

On Mac I’m not sure but I’d imagine it’s something similar.

Hey, the setting is called INT to Main. I had that off and that’s why the output jacks weren’t working. Try that