Digitakt out now!

I think Elektron just does whatever they want. Their gear is good enough a bunch of people will buy it in the end. I do think they pay attention to user feedback, but it seems every decision they make gets scrutinized to death and 1/2 the people get upset no matter what they do, so in the end they just hold firm and make their own decisions… I think this is part of the reason they just shut up and keep secret…


Anyone install 1.02 yet?

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No problem!

Upgrading was the work of a few seconds here, no drama. Will test a few things in a bit.


Just received mine. Glad to say it’s flawless. All buttons are where they’re supposed to be and no ghosting in the display. What an utterly beautiful machine.


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Finally got my newest family member after 10 days from order to delivery. Funny: It was apparently hand-packed in a box twice as big as the DT-box itself - I guess it was made with that same kind of love Elektron receives from us! :heart_eyes::3lektron:

Yeah! Digitakt is really out NOW!

PS.: Thank you very much, Elektron, shipping was free!

Can anyone comment on how the reverb sounds? Probably better than the one on the OT I guess? Can you get some nice long ambiences out of it?

Is it possible to send the inputs into the reverb when using external synths? The manual doesn’t seem to mention it. I think I remember Simon saying it wasn’t possible but that seems a bit weird.

Fantastic long (inf) rev
Since 1.02 with new visualisation
It helps me to understand what i hear

No input connected to rev, i think.

Got mine late yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to play with it yet though. The free Digitakt T-shirt that was in the box is very cool too.

Ok, don’t get your panties in a bind because you didn’t get a free DT T-shirt. I didn’t really get one either.


Haha :stuck_out_tongue:


got mine today from guitarguitar, now for some desk re-arranging :sunglasses:

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Mine arrives today! Just in time for the weekend :3lektron:

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It’s a fair point like I also mentioned above. I work in software myself and this is a fully digital device right so i would expect it to be fixable via code. The hardware on board running the software i would expect is an already establish market component that packs a punch. I mean you can get raspberry pis with quad core 1ghz CPU and 1GB RAM for less that 35£ and that should be more than enough to run 4x times the complexity of this software. I just hope they can write solid code :slight_smile:

They can always go the LXR way. But I don’t think they would do that.

Yeah. The BOM for the DT is most likely shockingly low. We pay for the R&D and the software.