DIGITAKT OS 1.20 Request

I am running OS 1.10 and would like to upgrade to 1.40 but need to first update to 1.20.

Anyone know a way to get a safe download for 1.20 ?

Why? I think you can go straight to 1.40.


Unfortunately I cannot… at least through USB.

1.40 needs at least 1.20 or higher to access the upgrade. I have a ticket with elektron so hopefully I can be sorted quick

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Hello. i have the same probleme.
can you send me the 1.20 please?

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Tchu was correct, you can get there without 1.20 In Transfer, click on go to the SYSEX TRANSFER page and follow the instructions

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Hi there. I am running 1.11 and believe I too need to upgrade to 1.20 before 1.40. Would you be able to send a safe version on 1.20? Many thanks.

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hey Dr.K,

could you please send me the 1.20 download please. same issue as the guys above. its been frustrating. happy to have found this feed!!

your help will be much appreciated


No problem. I wonder why Elektron doesn’t offer a solution for this issue. But as long as enough users have the old OS we can help each other out.

Is the second set of instructions here labeled Upgrading from the Startup Menu not the correct process for this?

Edit: Read further up and some folks don’t have another MIDI device to do this, so this process won’t work for that. It will work if you DO have a MIDI interface separate from the Digitakt.