Digitakt OS 1.08 bug reports


Yeah its pretty annoying. If you double tap (tap it about 50 times in frustration) the stop button on the Digitakt then it should go back to the start again. Its just annoying because you forget to do it regularly.


flickering, glitiching or self moving knobs someone else?
have this on all knobs and all pages, sometimes yes, sometimes not …


Anything connected to midi in?
If not, you might want to contact support.


I’ve only had weirdness on the recording crop / edit page , once. The main glitchy menu stuff I’ve seen was fixed a while ago


My sound select and sample select encoders sometimes trigger on their own, interfering with general use as they have done since day one, this is most annoying during microtiming as it actually moves the timing as you are adjusting it. Updates have made zero difference so I assume it is a shorcoming of the new encoders.


Nothing connected to the ins and this is something i‘m experiencing since 1.08

seems like a very sensitive knob calibration in combination with glitchy knobs …

will do a ticket!



more times than not now my digitakt won’t let me preview the sample once i’m in the trimming stages before it’s saved.

pressing function and yes at the same time does nothing other than light up the keys as if i’m in temp mute mode.

this happening to anyone else in 1.08 or shall i log a ticket?


Are you sure that you arent enabling a midi track during the process?, if not you should log a ticket.


Just seen a bug easy to reproduce: on a pattern with individual length per track enabled, I input some notes on a 16/16 midi track A. Then I extend it to 64 steps (64/64). Usually the Digitakt mirrors the 16 first steps 3 times to avoid interruptions while playing live.

I does but with a quirk: page 3 is empty! page 2 and 4 correctly mirrored page 1!


I’m new to digitakt and just ran into this same issue… have others reported this as well? I found that adjusting the micro timing of the first trig to a little later fixed the “skipped 1st step” issue but would love to have it work without having to do that.


I’ve got the same problem. Did you manage to fix it ?


The only way it will get fixed is if I send it back for servicing, I would if I were using it for more than fun but being without is more of an annoyance than wonky microtiming and unwanted feature pop ups.


A bug or hardware fault that I’m having at the moment is that my encoders change data randomly. It’s hard to get exact numbers with this. I barely touch it and the numbers go crazy. Sometimes it happens when I’m not even touching them. So frustrating man. I hope this Digitakt isn’t already crapping out on me. That would be shitty considering how much I paid for the thing. No complaints from me until now. It started happening after the last update, so hopefully it’s a bug.


That sounds like they are faulty? Have you sent them a support ticket? I would assume it is still under warranty.


think it was something to do with having a midi track activated. maybe you can’t preview an unsaved sample unless yr on an audio track. will check laters


Digitakt freezes when trying to load a new project while using a midiloop :confused:


You can only preview your samples with an audio track selected


Did this issue get fixed in the recent update? Or is it still happening?

I stopped using my Digitakt for a while because if I can’t record my Digitakt sequences into Ableton (synched) then what’s the point? This problem really killed my Digitakt fun.


I have the same with my encoders on the Digitakt and the Rytm MK2. I hope they could fix that with the next update?


Unplug the lead .
It might be sending out data when it’s finished loading , and I doubt digitakt/any gear was designed to work with the output going back in .