Digitakt OS 1.08 bug reports


Ok anyone knows what missing after 1.04 ?


Im not entirely sure if this is what youre asking but, the only thing that has been removed really is the ability to send a midi cc to solo a track. Other than that it’s been major bug fixes and fixing certain effects


In Step Recording mode red step lights are blinking every second or so. Anyone else experiencing this?


do we all have that MIDI 1st trig bug?

it feels like i have to kill somebody :rage:


Do you have p-locks on those blinking steps?


i was about to ask about these blinking lights… didn’t know it was a feature. indeed, only trigs with p-locks blink. thanks!


but…in others update have that…is normal i think…


I haven’t checked to see if it happens with MIDI as well as w/ audio tracks. Definitely happens w/ audio tracks.


Right… So it’s not a bug, but feature :slight_smile: Thanks!


Yes, blinking lights on certain steps indicate that those steps have parameters locked to that particular step. I believe it is this way on all the elektron machines :blush:


Exporting my project freezes the device - always


Some weirdness tonight.

When trimming a sample the right side box for trimming the end of the sample was only updating a small section of it , lagging behind the movement of the cursor.
It got very confused.

Also when sampling it was only capturing a very small waveform length.

I was sampling drums , they ended up being very quite

Turning it off got it back to normal.
Sometimes I’d rather it normalised the trimmed sample , not the big stream that features the smaller hits.


Same here, I’m afraid… I took a REALLY LONG time to update because I was afraid the newer OS updates would be worse than the previous. But since there was so many improvements made I figured it was time.

First thing I notice is the first step of my sequences don’t play…!
I think it’s only when I’m sync’ed to my DAW via USB - I press play in Ableton, and the first step is missing (only the first time). Which is really lame because the only reason I ever sync with Ableton is to record my sequences into the DAW when I finish… now I can’t do that without bending the space/time continuum (like pressing play in Ableton, one step before the first step… I can’t even explain how I did it, but it wasn’t fun)

I’m just amazed that no one caught this before deploying the update.

Note to Elektron: Let me know if you’re hiring for testers.
(Another note to Elektron: If you’re not hiring for testers… you should be. They’re making you look like clowns and making the user base afraid of updating due to piss poor testing.)

(P.S. I love you guys. Best machines on the planet.) <3


I found a reproducible bug - unit freezes on syssex export if midi+usb selected as output. If USB only is selected, the syssex export works correctly.


IMHO with midi+usb selected it will wait to negotiate the transfers through both midi AND usb. When there isn’t a response on one of the ports it waits “forever”.

Does it really freeze or can you abort the transfer?


cannot abort - entire unit becomes unresponsive after transferring 4026 bytes of data


so I haven’t had any problems with the unit 1.08
the encoders are extremely sensitive so the value is jumping up and down when I try to change values on the filter (i have it at max and it goes from that to 113 and up and down for example), idk if the physical knobs are to blame, (i haven’t had it for a whole year yet, so lets hope it’s not that) it’s on all knobs pretty much


Was making a fl dashboard and noticed 2 thigs with MIDI

  1. Confirming that compressor wet dry doesnt respond…at all
  2. That LFO multiplier only responds to 1/2 of the values via midi, you can only select the clocked bpm values and the others are not possible…


Opened a support ticket with the following bug:

Changing between filter types while sequencer is running and sound is playing, results in a very loud click. This also happens when plocking that parameter to change to a different type.

In an earlier post I mentioned it as if it was because of cutting a sample short in the sequencer but this isn’t the case.


Yesterday I’ve transfered about 700 samples (+/- 1 GB) into DT without any interruptions. But after that my DT had problem with pattern start (start message from Tr8 , thru A4) but after disconnecting usb cable everything works fine :slight_smile: