Digitakt OS 1.06


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Thanks! Everything went fine with MIDI IN/OUT set to USB Only


Wow thanks! I’ve been busy and didn’t even have time to install 1.05.


Great stuff to have these bugs squashed so quickly.


In the release notes it says non-overdriven sounds were 6 dB too low. So it sounds like they increased the volume of everything without overdrive, which if you were pushing your volume levels close to the max, would now push them over


Makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up!


Thank you Elektron for hearing us out! Feeling the love so strongly here :heart_eyes:


Getting closer to 1.10 OB !!!

Thanks Guys, appreciate the efforts :slight_smile:


Have tried do it in the old C6 program? Worked good for me. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the patch
The click when turning on distortion is still there
This being worked on too? or is it the new behaviour of the dist?


no click for me when i active the distorsion


0 is OFF, completely bypassed and “raw”, it will click a little bit in some cases due to the sudden change in the signal.


…the ability to control the midi channel via the desired channel doesn’t work.
just reacts to Autochannel. someone? :slight_smile:


Switch from auto channel to track channel in the settings


Edit What Simon just said.




can I just install this over 1.04?






Yeah mine has frozen as well.